Tips Setting Goals: 7 Interesting Reasons Why Our Goals Fail

Part 1 of the Tips Setting Goals Series. It Highlights The 'Whys' But Also Shows The 'Hows'

Let me first point out that these tips for goal setting is not for everyone. They were only designed for the selected few that will make the decision to do something about their present state and condition. Who will choose to make better choices. Who will choose to take larger steps.

tips setting goals

Who will choose to change the course of their existence and live the life that they have been envisioning for quite some time.

Who will choose to stop feeling sorry for themselves and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

So as I’ve said before, this ‘Tips Setting Goals Series’ is not for the faint at heart and I have the stats to back me up on this one.

Stats Update:

According to statistics, only 20% of persons go ahead and set goals even thou most persons understand the importance of the this task. Only 20%. But the most frightening of them all is that 70% of this minority, still do not achieve the goals that they have set.

If the truth be told, tips setting goals can be found literally everywhere. On the internet, motivational books, magazines, newspapers and even interviews on T.V.

Finding the information can be the easy part.

Actually getting them done. Actually staying focused …well, that’s where all the trouble begins.

Why Do Our Goals Fail?

Why Do Goals Fail

1. A Goal Without a Timeline is Just A Dream

For anyone to succeed in life or business there must be goals. After all, how would you know if you are making progress if there isn’t any indicators?
Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank said ‘A Goal without a Timeline is Just a Dream’. These words stuck with me like glue. Even Robert understood the importance of setting timeline to any goal.
Does your goals have timelines when they will be accomplished? A date that you are working towards? If not then I am sorry to be the bearer of bad new but they are just Dream.
When setting goals in life we must remember to make them very clear; very measurable. By the end of the goal setting process you should clearly see how your end will look like.

Tips setting goals: ‘It is great to dream. When you dream, dream Big! The sky is no limitation for you. However, when you make the decision to make your dreams a reality, then setting a timeline will be very important’

Nevertheless, jotting what you desire on paper, writing a date for completion is not enough. It is far from enough. Your goals must be S.M.A.R.T. Understanding how to write goals is very important.

This means that your goals must be very Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed. To give a basic example. Instead of saying ‘I want to lose weight’, what should be written instead in ‘ I will lose 30 pounds by June 31st, by signing up and attending to Johnny’s Aerobics class, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and by eating Jenny Craig meals every Day’.

Okay Okay, maybe Jenny Craig can be a little unrealistic for you at this moment. But eating healthy organic dishes -cooked at home- instead of takeout, maybe more doable. But you get the point.

2. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The reason why most of our goals are left unaccomplished is because we fail to embrace the law of ‘Out of Sight. Out of Mind’. Jotting details on a notepad, then putting it away will most definitely cause your goals to remain unaccomplished.

With so much activity causing distractions in our lives it is most important to place your goals in areas where they are visible. Seeing them on a daily basis or throughout the course of the day the most absolutely spring you into action.

My goals are written on a dry erase board that I look at every morning. They are placed in a notepad that I carry and use every day. I have pictures that reminds me of my goals on my phone. Visual effects are absolutely necessary.

What the eye sees, it remembers.This will cause our goals to remain in the forefront of our thoughts
This is so simple yet so effective.

3. Fear of Failure

I know this feeling so well. I still battle it in so many areas of my life. FEAR. Fear is so powerful when allowed preeminence. It can literally paralyze you. In this case we are speaking of the Fear of Failure.
• We are afraid to put our creativity out there .
• Afraid to let others see us shine
• Afraid to have an opinion
• Afraid to take one step closer to our goals
Because we are afraid that others will not accept us. Or that our best will just not be good enough. So we just do not try.

You will never take one step closer to your goals if fear grips you. The amazing truth about ‘fear’ is that it can magnify a concern into a mountain. It makes the issue 10 x bigger. 10 x harder than it really is.

Failure is just not possible. Failure can only happen if we chose to ‘give up’. That’s when we fail. But we can begin to look at each difficulty as a learning experience that we can use to encourage and motivate another in the near future.

Fear of failure may always be present. Lurking in the darkness. Waiting for the perfect opportunity. Never allow it to overtake you.

Tips setting goals:‘To succeed in life and business, you need to believe in your abilities, the creative process, and most importantly, you. If believing in yourself means reading motivational stuff-books, articles, magazines, watching motivational clips, hanging out with friends who believe in you, go for it. You deserve the best.’

4. Lack of Commitment

Yes, I know.You’ve tried.

I can here you now ‘But Joan, you don’t understand. I really put in best foot forward’

But it has not been as easy as you thought it would be. So it’s time to give up.

At the beginning we all have high hopes. We all give our 100%. It is at the difficult turns in the road of success that we often give up. It is at the times when it becomes really busy that we tend to become inconsistent.

Failing to commit to a goal that you’ve set makes you fail to give it your best every time.Commitment means working at it even when motivation fades. But how will you ever get over the hurdle in the road if do not commit. There will be moments when it becomes so overwhelming that why my very best advise is to do what you love. Loving what you do but makes the work so much sweeter.

Tips setting goals:
a) Create a list of activities for each goal, then rearrange from with the easiest being the first on your list. You’ll gain momentum after completing each task.
b) Focus on one item at a time. The rest can wait.
c) Don’t get distracted by having too much on your plate at once.
d) Learn to Say No.

5. Negative Association

Words can have such an impact on our attitude. They can destroy our dreams and they can change our outlook on life, so we must be very careful in our association.
Who you associate with can determine whether you achieve your goals or not. Surround yourself with like minded persons. Keep friends who are focused enough to achieve their goals, and you will soon follow suit

Tips setting goals: Be careful to protect your vision. Don’t listen to naysayers. Most people will never understand your vision, especially if theirs is limited.It is not necessary to share it with everyone in your circle. Choose only to share it with those who have been where you want to be or can take you to the next level.

6. Lack of Support and Resources

We all need help from time to time. We cannot achieve goals by ourselves. Be willing to ask for help where you need it. Bring other talents and resources on board. There are people who are willing to help. Be part of organizations that can help you succeed. This way, you will succeed in life and business.

7. Negative Habits

Phew. This is a hard one.
Our habits. ( I am getting all up in your business now 🙂 )

If we really want success, you’ll soon realize that setting goals in life often has an affect of our daily habits as well. This means that many times, you may have to decide to adjust your habits to achieve your desired personal goal. I

I am no stranger to the struggles that arise in this area. For we all have negative habits. Habits that make us feel good or comfortable but are actually terrible for your present and future success. At times, we tend to get off track and slip right back into our easy routines.

Yes, our precious daily routines may have to become ‘not so daily anymore’ if success is your goal. After all, to achieve and maintain success, success habits must be a constant part of our life and existence.

How can we achieve a goal of 120 pounds if we continue to eat ice cream before we go to bed at night. To achieve the goal, we may need to make some life altering adjustments. Does it mean waking up an hour earlier? Minimizing time spent watching T.V.? Changing your route to work to avoid passing by the doughnut shop?


Part 1 of this Tip Setting Series identified some reasons why our goals fail. Scrolling back up, you will realize that each one can really put a hole in your wheels of small business success. Do not let them. Achieving your goals are possible. Sometimes all you need is some assistance to get over each hurdle. Do what ever is necessary to break every negative barrier. Success is waiting for you on the other side …

What do you think of my list? Share it with your friends and family to inspire their lives.

Do you know of any more reasons why goals fail?  Don’t be afraid to share. Leave your comments below.

Now on the the next lesson in this Tips Setting Goals Series …

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