Tips On Starting Your Own Business

Interview with Karim - Owner of KM Services

Guess who is coming for dinner?! And you’re getting a front seat view.

Tips on Starting Ypur Own Small Business Interview With Karim

I had the most awesome opportunity to interview Karim Maynard an entrepreneur on the island of St Kitts Nevis who began his business from scratch and developed it into the # 1 landscaping ‘big deal’ on the island.

So it was only fair that I picked his brain for some great ideas ( for all of us of course 🙂 ), and trust me, I have not had one moment of regret!

Care to know some of the entrepreneurial thoughts on business?

He shared some great tips on starting your own business as well as his story of humble beginning and challenges along the way. We had so much fun.

So if you have been looking for answers to any of these questions:

  1. What were the challenges when starting your business?
  2. Everyone has a story. Can you share your story of how you made your dream a reality?
  3. What were some of  the advice that you were given by other people early on that helped you to approach early stage of entrepreneur/investing in a more intelligent way?
  4. What are the commonalities when you look among the most successful persons in our society, or Caribbean or world?
  5. Who were your mentors. People who helped you/ or is still helping you, along the way.?
  6. What is your favorite Book and why?
  7. What will be your encouragement for someone who thinks that they cannot start a business?
  8. What will be your best advice to someone who, just started a business and is looking for help or motivation?

… then watch his interview below and you’ll have a front seat view. Trust me, it will leave you inspired. So get your note pads out and see you on the other side of this video!

After you’ve had a chance to watch, Karim and I would love to hear from you?

We’ve talked about fear. So, I have two questions for you today:

What specific things you do or say to get in your own way? And what actions can you take right now to not do that anymore?

What fears have you allowed to prevent you from pursuing your passions?

Remember to share as much detail in your comments, we are here to grow and be motivate from each other.

Thank you for watching. If today’s episode really inspired you please share it with your friends and colleagues so that we can change lives with our gifts – together!

I love you all

Joan Maynard

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