This Is My Story

An Excerpt From My Journal Book

Joan Maynard Interview Ital CreationToday, October 19th, 2013 , marks a very special day for me. I’ve decide to begin documenting my journey. This means that everything I’ve learned so far I’ll be sharing it with you. After all, why should you go through the same pains that I’ve suffered, when I can prevent that?!

Boy has it been tough already. I’ve shed tears, had nights without sleep, emptied my bank account. All for a this dream, that I know will one day become a reality. And that’s why I’m still here. Each day I’m learning, and growing wiser.

So hold on to your hats. It’s a very long ride ahead! 🙂

This Is My Story

The deep seating thirst of mine, to become a successful entrepreneur, transforming people’s lives, did not begin today. It began years ago. I’ve had this desire, from the time I  knew myself. I remember telling in to my mom when I was old enough to speak, that one day I will take care of her ( she smiled).

I’ve watched my mom suffer through life trying to feed six (6) children on $250 EC dollars a week ( less than 100 USD). She would work when she was sick just to make ends meet. After working so hard for a month, after paying the bills, she would be left with only $0.25 cents. I saw her go through life taking loan after loan just to buy basic items like food. And it hurt.

I always asked myself is this all to life?  Suffering?  Scrunting to make end meet? I promised myself that I had to do better.

There was so many experiences fueled that thirst in me to do more, to find that ‘better way’ and help others do the same. I believe the most important experience is the death of my mother. She died before I could make good on my promise to her. In short, all her organs collapsed and she died from a disease that was curable. Dengae fever.  She died with no money on her account or sufficient money enough to care for her.

I decided that I did not want this for any other person that I love. I had to do something to change this.

My First Business

  1. I tried my hand by creating a printing business. That lasted 4 months …
  2. A type writing business. That never took off …
  3. A graphic designing business. Money came in small and slow. That could not pay the bills …
  4. The experience I earned helped me to create and manage my husband’s welding business called ‘Special Touch Welding’. He’s still self employed to this day.

But I Was Not Satisfied. Something Still Was Not Right…

I realized soon into this that created ‘brick and mortar’ businesses was not what I wanted to do.

So that was my situation …

I went searching the internet. For hours on end. Days. Months.

I was searching for my purpose. It seemed like everyone around was advancing themselves except me. I knew that where I was, was not where I should be. I just knew. But I had no clue how to get there … It was frustrating.

I began searching and searching for answers.

Began searching for a way out.

I wanted my own business. I wanted freedom. Without worry of money.

I just thirst for more!

There just had to be more to existing…right?

Reading Became My Best Friend

Literally 🙂

No conversation was able to satisfy.

Gossiping was never my thing.

And cell phones , I always thought that to be the worst invention, so you could never find me fiddling or playing games or talking on the phone for hours.

I was thirsty for knowledge, so reading became my closest friend.

A book was literally plastered to my hand and  read every chance I got. It’s still that way today!

The First Book I’ve Ever Read That Gave Me Some Direction

Rich Dad Poor Dad‘ from Robert Kyosaki was my saving grace.

It was like literally food. I gobbled down that knowledge that I got from that book and when I read the last page, that was it … my mindset was changed.

I could not look at life the same, finances the same, and business the same.

I just could not.

My eyes no longer looked at the present. It focused on the future.

Others saw obstacles. I saw possibilities.

Others saw what was in front of them. I saw where I need to be and made a way.

Most importantly, he made me realize that I was not alone. There were others just like me who were not satisfied with their present situation. Who decided to change things.

I wanted more so I read two more of his books.

In Came Dani Johnson

One day I opened facebook and one of my friend shared a post about someone praising  this book called ‘First Steps to Wealth’ by Dani Johnson. ( It is free).

My interest peaked!

I went searching for her site and read her story. It is encouraged me.

So I decided to get her book.

At that time there was no free ebook. There was only the physical book that came to me in the post. Shipment cost $7.00 / $14.00. If you know me, I do not like to spend a bad penny. But I closed my eyes, and did it anyways.

It was such an amazing decision!

I swallowed the content whole!

And the mind transformation continued. What stayed with me was that even though there were many that was not satisfied with their life, only 2% of the population does something about it. 2%!

She told me that the desires that I had was place there by God so follow you desires and you’ll find your purpose. And since God placed the desire within you then ask him to help you achieve your desire. I never saw it that way.

The First Glimmer Of Hope

On June 2012 the first glimmer of hope came. One day while searching the web. I found a website called, by Lisa Irby. I read her website, was hooked, then bought her book. That was when I found out about SiteBuildIt.

A hand-holding, program that teaches beginners how to create website that actually get listed by google, sometime right in the top 10 pages.

I knew that I was on to something so I took the leap and sign up with for $19.99 a month. This will give you everything that you will need to create a website, teach you about page building, content creating, keyword optimization and more. Plus host your site!

I found what I wanted to do, create a business online. What else could I want?!

Nothing ….at that moment.

By 2013, I Began Wanting More

My number one problem was the limitations.

Besides the ugly website themes to choose from, limited ways to design your own website, the overload of information to go through, a learning curve to overcome, and the ugly ‘behind the scenes’ engine you had to work with …

Everything else was fine 🙂

Apart from that, my page began to show up in the search engines. I began getting traffic.

I learnt so much along the way! Can’t wait to share them with you.

So I’m Sure You Are Wondering Why I’m Using WordPress?

I’m wondering that too …:)

Just kidding

I learnt SBI too quickly and I started getting hungry for more pastures. I just had to find another platform that offered me much more than what I was getting. That was the main reason for the change to wordpress with my second website and this website.

I actually still have my SBI website. I’m praying and hoping that they finally offer some options that I can work with.

WordPress, well that another learning curve all together, and there is still so much left to learn.

I lost so much money on products that gave more promises than actual results.

But I could not give up.

I still cannot give up.

So I’ve decided to document my journey. Not only to look back on how far I’ve come, but also to help someone, get to where they need to be much faster than I could.

Don’t think that my story ends here. Nope it does not. The rest will be told to you through other post. But for now, I’m sure you’ve had enough of my talking.

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