5 Things I Wish I Knew Starting A Business


Hi, everyone, this is Joan Maynard coming to you from Positively-Driven, where it’s all about creating a business that you love, living passionately, growing spiritually. Today we are going to be focusing on five things that I used when I started out in my business about four years ago.

5 things I wish I knew starting a business


  1. It’s Gonna Be Really, Really, Really, Hard Work
  2. There’s no frugality in business
  3. It’s Better Just Asking For Help
  4. You Need A Support System
  5.  There Is Something Called Virtual Assistance

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Number 1: It’s Gonna Be Really, Really, Really Hard Work

I started out all excited knowing that it was going to be difficult.

Number one, I knew it was going to be difficult, really, really difficult.

I remember having to figure out how to create a website from scratch. I remember having to figure out practically everything. Now, there is a ‘Google’ that gives you information but you don’t know which information is right, which information is best for your business and it continues.

For instance, I had a situation where I created a website, well, tried to create a website, and at the end of it all guess what? I wake up the next day and found somebody laughing in my face ‘You have been hacked’.

So, I had to start all back over again.

So, this walk, this business, this journey that you are on is going to be really difficult. You are going to have days and nights when you are spending most of the times up, working on your business putting in lots of hours.

Sometimes, you’ll be up until three o’clock in the morning.

Sometimes, you don’t get any sleep whatsoever but the thing about it is that you enjoy it even though you are working much and is really, really difficult and is taking a lot of energy out of you, you are still enjoying it.

Number 2: There is No Frugality In Business: If This Is Important To You, Then Find The Money

I wish that I knew that I shouldn’t be frugal. It’s a waste of time.

Well, that frugal. When I started out my business, I really didn’t want to spend that much money, so, I went the free way. Let’s create a free website. I tried to find the free for everything. Fee for practically everything and there are some things that you just had to spend money on.

But I was trying to find a free way and because I was trying to find a free way, I was getting into some major, major, major trouble.

So, it is best just to save time, not to be as frugal or as tight clipped as you would like to be. I know that sometimes you just don’t have the money and you have to be frugal but in my instance, I really did not have the money but I created the money.

What I did, I looked around my house for extra stuff that I didn’t need, extra bags, extra clothing, extra shoes, extra furniture…even extra furniture and I started selling and the income that came in I used to purchase stuff that I needed. That is when I came to my senses…that I used to create my business.

Number 3: It’s Better To Just Ask For Help

I wish that I knew that it is better to just ask for help. To cut your time in half, cut your learning curve in half that you are focusing on.

Whatever your area is, whatever you are trying to become, whatever you are working on, whatever you are trying to achieve, whatever business you are trying to create and look for someone that is in your field that has already reached to the area or the goal that you would like to reach and get them to be your coach.


So, they will teach you exactly what not to do or what to do.

Now, mentorship has a cost to it, sometimes. You might be lucky and it’s your friend as well as you may not be lucky, like me, and you just have to pay the money. But it cuts the time you spend…five years, ten years, trying to develop all the skills, you are getting it within a short period of time; one week, two weeks.

If you’re lucky, you may find a wonderful mentor that may stick with you until you get all that is necessary to get your business off the ground. It is best that way. I learned the hard way, I wasted about three years of my life until I figured out,

‘Just ask for help Joan, just ask for help’.

Number 4: You Need A Support System

Number four: you need a support system. Everybody needs a support system. It is like networking…having somebody to hold your back as you journey along as you try out different things.

This support system comes in handy when you have different products that you may want to show to the market and they help you to spread the word faster.

In this journey creating your business, you need like minded people. It’s of having people that says, maybe you should stop and change your mind. You don’t need those types of negative environments to be around.

So, you could create a mastermind group where you have you and a friend and another friend and another friend. And you come around and you create an environment where everybody is supporting each other, everybody is sharing with each other, everybody is encouraging each other and sharing different ways of getting where you would like to go.

Bring in different people to teach you tricks of the trade and everybody grows at the same time together.

Number 5: There Is Something Called Virtual Assistance

Number four-I knew that there was something called virtual assistance. I had no clue…yes, I was in reality. I was in the world but I knew nothing about virtual assistance. When I talk about virtual assistance I am talking about

  1. FIVERR: where you can go and get things done for five dollars. As little as five dollars. I don’t know if they have ONE, where you can get things done for one dollar but I am sure there is Fiverr, and it is really good. You can get transcriptions done. You can get video editing done. You can get practically anything done that you are likely to get for your business. And instead of doing everything yourself, you have assistance on the web. So, cut into FIVERR.
  1. UPWORK: There is Elance, that’s the number of work. You can just go there and create a job and say ‘I want to get this done’ and in a short space of time you will get a whole bundle of people trying to offer their services.
  1. 99 DESIGNS: Then there is Ninety-Nine designs, that is another one. Now Ninety-Nine Designs have a cost to it but you still get professionals on your job.
  1. CANDIDIO: There is CANDIDIOs that is all about videos and not forgetting, there is all around virtual assistance that can help you with day to day emailing that you don’t want to do.

Now, I understand that you must know practically everything that there is to your business, not outsourcing everything that you are just left to create.

I am creative as well but you must know, just in case, but it is best that you don’t try to do everything. It is just going to drain you, so you just outsource it.

That’s what I do, outsource it.


These five things, I believe, would have done a great deal, if I knew a few years back. It would have cut my time in half and I would not have wasted so much time doing it all on my own. So, I am hoping that all I have said will serve you and that you will put it into practice.

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