My Struggles To Spiritual Growth

I had my fair share of struggkes

This excerpt was taken from my free e-book ‘The Clear Path to Spiritual Maturity‘. It speaks of my struggles in understanding the process of spiritual growth. What is amazing is that my struggles are very similar to that of many of my brothers and sisters. Many are afraid to even say their fears out loud. So I choose to be not only your voice, but also provide the answers to your concerns…

struggles to spiritual growth

I Had My Fair Share Of Struggles

Before I became a Christian I was lost. I had a deep void that no one and nothing could fill. I searched for answers in all the wrong places but nothing satisfied my emptiness until I gave my life to Christ. For the first time I felt like I had found the answer to all of my emptiness, my loneliness, and abandonment issues. So naturally, I craved more.

I was so hungry for God, but I just did not know how to reach him. I would ask questions and I would receive answers like ‘Pray’, ‘Read your Bible’, ‘Come to Bible study services’ but no one laid out a clear path for me to follow. No one taught me how to pray. Or even told me what prayer was. The constant connection with God, which I was searching for was not happening.

Do my struggles in spiritual growth sound similar to your situation in any way?

Well, I can relate.

Then there was the issue of Bible Study. Everyone said Bible Study was necessary, but no one gave me a guideline of how I can study the bible effectively. Every one said read the Bible, but I would find that when I read I never understood anything. So I was stuck.

My Struggles Includes Lots of Questions and Frustrations

I was every emotion all wrapped up in one. Frustrated, because none showed me a clear path to get me to where I wanted to be; worried, that I would stay like this forever; fearful, that eventually I would lose my desire to serve God; and ashamed that I was in that situation. I honestly thought that I was all-alone. Like everyone else understood the ‘secret formula’ except me. I just could not get it.

I had questions and I directed them to God. ‘Was Spiritual Growth just simply about prayer, and bible study?’ ‘Why don’t I understand what I read?’ ‘How can I study the bible?’ I felt myself stuck in one place, not able to grow because I just never knew, or understood how to grow.

My journey was difficult. I read books, listened to messages and CD’s. All I was searching for was for someone to one day take me by the hand and say Joan, here’s how you do it! Here are the steps and here’s what you should do to get there! Wow! If I had that I would have been so further along!


Do not be fooled, it did not happen overnight. I did not figure it out in the blink of an eye. It was a learning process, a trial and error. I would look at everything and everyone, and mimic what I see them do that brought them success, and I would stay far away from those things that seemed to not be working for them. My constant prayer was, ‘Lord, teach me what I should know.’

My Pastor is a perfect example of this. I would sit in the congregation of a Bible Study Lesson that he would be teaching just simply amazed at the ease that he taught with clarity and the ease to which he understood the bible. So, I would of course listen and take mental notes of every Bible Study direction that he would offer and I would follow it.

I continued to ask God for guidance and through research and learning the true meaning of prayer, I started seeing a clear path, laid out before me. The Clear Path to Spiritual Growth. God literally taught me how to pray right overnight. He taught me the love of his Word. He taught me how to study my bible effectively and how to get so much out of one Bible Study session. He taught me these seven steps to spiritual growth and as I continue to learn, I continue to grow ever more.

Trust me, I’ve put every single one of these steps that I will be sharing with you to the test, and I’ve realized that I have more clarity in my life, I understand my purpose; I understand God’s Word; my zeal for God has grown; I am stronger; I am more at peace with myself and others; I am more patient; wiser and more humble… in other words I was growing! I figured it out!

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