Stranger That Was You

Shhh….. be quiet

There’s a stranger in my house

I’m scared he’ll hear me breathing

So be silent as a mouse

Run…More quickly

To the closet, where to hide

Let the darkness envelope me

And my grogginess subside

Wait… did you hear that?

Did his footsteps make that noise?

Was that my name, he did whisper?

Is that anger in his voice?

Defenseless …

Trapped …

Are the feelings that I felt

Oh No!!!…he is coming

Racing heart clouded my head

Palm sweating …

Violated …

My sanctuary, my refuge

Closet opened …

I surrendered to the stranger

That was you!!!


Hi everyone, I am Joan. A small woman with a big voice and a big personality. I have been blessed with many talents poetry, music, designing, but my favorite is the gift of teaching, being my #1 joy. I hope you are blessed by the content on this site. So God bless you!Connect With Me On Facebook

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