You Are Too Old or Young To Start A Business. Oh Really?

What! You are too old or young to start a business or pursue your passion? Nonsense.

Too Old or Young to Start a Business?

Many people thought that I was a tad bit too crazy, but that did not stop me šŸ™‚

Age should not prevent you from accomplishing your dreams. Instead of beating yourself up with words like ‘who am I to even have such a goal’ you should instead be saying ‘who am I not to’!

Do you know the term ‘love the skin you’re in?’

Well ’embrace the age you’re at’! – yep, I made that up.

Why shouldn’t you be the one to succeed?! Have you ever thought that you can be the Moses for all persons who have big dreams, but are allowing ‘age’ to be a hindrance?

You can be the one to show them that it is possible.

Instead of having defeating thoughts, you should be saying ‘ha, let me show you that it is attainable’. Let me be the ‘guinea pig’, then I can go back and show others the way to the promise land. Let me do it, not for myself only, but for others as well.

Age Did NOT Stop These People

Ronald Reagan was 69 years, 11 months and 14 days when he was elected President. He could have pulled up a rocking chair and said I am too old for this ‘gig’, let the young people do it. But his desires propelled him and age was not even an issue. In the end he won exactly what he envisioned.

In 1761 a 5 year old Mozart wrote his first composition. What! He should still be learning how to walk! ( just a little exaggeration)

At age 18 Daniel Radcliffe release the first Harry Potter film and is now worth millions.

At age 80, Jessica Tandy was the oldest person to receive an Oscar and the list goes on.

The Real Truth About Age

The truth is, that age is truly just a number and many persons around the globe are doing great things without the hindrance of their age.

Let’s face it, age comes with wisdom so I am sure that you have plenty to share with others who have not accomplish as much as you have.

And if you are worried that you are too young …coming on! Others would be awestruck! Saying, ‘you accomplish all this at what age? 3 years! šŸ™‚

Do not let age be your hindrance. Your gift is calling you!

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