free ebook testimonial simone hugginsThis is the Best Book Ever!

The Clear Path to Spiritual Maturity, has really touched my life. I mean this free ebook on Spiritual Growth explained everything I didn’t understand clearly and it has opened up my eyes to many things. Honestly, I felt the Anointing reading this book.

It even brought tears to my eyes but most importantly it made me wants to do right by God and to follow every step that was outlined. I will be using it as a guide from now on. There is neither tricks nor gimmicks in this book. It was tremendously helpful in every way.

This book was like a journey I never wanted it to end. Every topic held my interest and every question that was asked had me actually questioning myself and praying all the prayers. This book helped me with some of my deepest questions on Prayer and Fasting. Things that I most definitely didn’t understand about Fasting was clarified in this book. Before, when I used to go on a fast, I end it feeling like nothing changed but I finally understand what is expected of me and I won’t be messing up anymore.

I loved the chapters on Spiritual Growth, Meditation and Bible Study. but my favorite part of this book is how the author explained the true meaning of Spiritual Maturity. I never really understood it at all until now. I mean, there’s so many helpful tips in this book that you can use. It is not just for a for newbie’s, I think it’s mostly for folks who have been in Christianity so long that they forget all about the steps and how to reach where God wants them to be. It’s also for Youths. It’s for Everyone!

This book is truly an inspiration to me, and I know it will do the same for others. Now I know by following these steps I will have a Clearer path to Spiritual Growth. Thanks Joan……This really hit the spot. *I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK TO COME OUT!!!!*

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