Seamstress Interview:The Good,The Bad,The Ugly

Entrepreneur Talk With Edris the Seamstress

I finally got a hold of my seamstress to do an interview! Yep. I only go to the best! Imagine getting tips from one of the greatest in the land.  Well Edris Brown knows her stuff and now, you will know them too. 🙂 No thank you’s necessary.

Seamstress Interview

Edris loved the idea of clothing design from a very young age. After working with a company for  a few years her desires sparked for having a business of her very own.

She followed that dream right back to her home town, St Kitts, where she began her clothing business. According to her words ‘she was the very first seamstress on this island’.

She shares her start up concerns along with lots of golden nugget we can all learn from

Thinking on starting a clothing business?

Wondering how it all began?

Well let’s go get some answers in this video.

Now that you’ve had a chance to interact with Edris. I would to get into your heads a little.

What’s your burning idea? What do you love to do that you would love to start as a business?

Remember to share as much detail in your comments, we are here to grow and be motivate from each other.

Thank you for watching. If today’s episode really inspired you please share it with your friends and colleagues so that we can change lives with our gifts – together!

I love you all

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