S. Vadencia Edwards

Love at First Read

Joan Maynard’s free E-Book on spiritual growth entitled “The Clear Path to Spiritual Maturity” is a ‘Must Read’. Especially for Christians who are thirsty and eager for more in their relationship with God ( New Converts, Longstanding Believers, Those Contemplating Salvation, ALL). Where ever you are on the spiritual spectrum this book with appeal to its reader’s appetite. The minute I perused the Table of Contents, I was immediately drawn and intrigued to the point that I read for hours not wanting to stop. The more I read, the more interested I became. The contents of the Book came at the right time. It was like finding water in a Dessert Land.

I particularly liked the personal references shared by Joan. It connected with me, the Reader, making me feel that I am not alone, yet it gave me the hope that ‘if it worked for Joan then it must definitely work for me’. Additionally, the scriptural references provided greater value to substantiate the key points and the practical steps outlined to follow which would aid in one’s spiritual development. Thank you Joan Maynard, for taking the time to share and I am confident just how this free spiritual growth ebook has positively impacted me, so it will also for millions of reading waiting. I will now embark on my journey … to implement what have been outlined in your ebook. Thank You Sooo MUCH!

Hi everyone, I am Joan. A small woman with a big voice and a big personality. I have been blessed with many talents poetry, music, designing, but my favorite is the gift of teaching, being my #1 joy. I hope you are blessed by the content on this site. So God bless you!Connect With Me On Facebook

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