Reduce Information Overload With This ‘Email Blindness’ Trick

Suffering with information overload? Who know’s, you may be one of the lucky few who has not. But if you are like me, you know that information overload can cause you to feel stuck, confused and frustrated.


In this post I will share with you one method that you can use today to help you with this problem.

What is Information Overload

If you do not have a clue what information overload is, then let me give you a scenario.

You are excited about starting a business. You feel the first adrenaline rush course through your veins. Freedom! It’s just around the bend.

But along with that first tinge of excitement, comes the questions: what type of business will I have?, how will I get clients?; how will I get started?; what’s my first step?, how will I make money?; what if ….;  suppose …. And the list goes on.

So like any normal human being, you  begin searching for information.Typing questions in google and reading every article that shows up on the front page. With each page that you read, you’ll find more links to more information so, you do what even I would do …click... and read.

In this hunger for knowledge, you find more articles than is needed, more books than you expected , more CD’s than you could afford to buy, and more mailing lists to be apart of.

Each content differs from another. Each content contradicts another.

Do this ..No, do that…

Go here … No, go back …

After just a few weeks, days or hours you find yourself with too much information, too little time, and your hair turning grey with frustration.

So because you do not have a clue what to do, you end up stuck, doing absolutely nothing.

That’s information Overload.

And I experience it almost everyday.

My Email Was Crammed With Too Much Info.

So,  because I’ve been battling with information overload for such a long time I had to find ways to help me cope. One such method I call the email blindness trick, which I will explain to you right now.

But first let me explain why I developed this trick.

For the life of me it seems like I am addicted to opening my emails. That’s the first thing I do at mornings and it continues on throughout the day.

To be fair, reading emails is a necessary part of my business ( for now).

Seeing that I’m a solo-preneur, I have to read my emails to see if I receive ‘yeses’ to my podcast request, to see if my customers are ok, to pass along information to other parties, and ..well..because I’m addicted. 🙂

However, every time I’d open my emails, I felt overloaded, seeing the flood of emails that came in during my short time away. This constant state of overload caused me take action … by tricking myself.

Email Blindness Trick

You read correctly. I tricked myself. And it’s time that you do the same.

Let’s do it now.

Step1: Open your inbox

Step 2. Empty the Inbox

No, I do not mean delete them.

Because my inbox is set to show all recent messages by default, when it opened it, it showed about 200 unread messages each time.

So we will be fixing this problem today.

  1. Create folders 

create folders in inbox












In the picture above you will see all the folders that I’ve created.

To create a folder click on the plus sign ‘+’ next to the word Folder

An empty white box will show up

Creating folders

creating folders in inboxThen click enter.

The newly created folder will slide in place, in aphabetical order under the Sub heading ‘Folders’

Note: Make sure to name the folder a name that is appropriate for the information that will be going in the folder. In my example about I named my folders ‘Neil Patel’, ‘Website’ etc. I am crazy over the quality information that Neil created around seo and getting traffic to you online website. So he had have to a folder by itself. The folder ‘Website’ is created to hold all miscellaneous website related information.

So it’s your turn.

Think about the different mails you receive. And create folders for the ones that you do not want to delete.

2. Program you mails to go to the specified folder.

For hotmail, check all boxes, hover over the words ‘Move to’ , then go to ‘More’, like you are seeing below:screenshot of inbox while creating folders

The previously created folders will appear in a box that looks like below. Just selected the folder that you will like the emails to go to, then click on move. All specified emails will automatically move to this file, as well as any of these types of emails in the future.

created folders to help with information overwhelm

3. Create an ‘Old Emails’ folder, for random emails that you either have no time to delete, or you may not want to delete, but does not have a specified folder.

As you can see in the pictures above, I did the same for my self partly to take care of the day to day email, that went into my inbox as well as because there was wayyy to much emails in my inbox to sift through. So I dropped them all in my ‘old emails’ folder.

I suggest you do the same.

Now like my self you’ll be  opening you inbox to see either an absolutely empty inbox or one or two random emails.

empty inbox for overwhelm

All of the emails will be housed in their appropriate folder , only showing the number of emails that needs to be read.

To make me feel even better, I just check most of my emails and mark them as ‘read’. That way I see nothing at all!

Step 3: Enjoy!

Parting tip:  In the future, try to keep the website, mentors or persons you follow for information to 3 maximum. There are some great website and ‘guru’ out there. Just choose 3 and follow their advice.

Unsubscribe to the rest mailing lists. Who needs that much anyway?

Hope this email helps. Leave A Comment or Questions below and do not forget the share with your friends and family.












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