Proverbs 31- The Man’s Version

Who Can Find A Handy Man?

Who can find a handy man?

With tacks, nails and hammer in hand….

His price is far above chocolates and flowers

And when you give him a task he doesn’t take hours

The heart of his wife does safely trust in him

Knowing that as long as he is here her bank book never goes dim

He will do her good all the days of his life.

He seeks any means to help out his wife

He is like the merchant ship and

Bringeth presents from afar

And his family is fed

From the crops in his backyard

He riseth also while it is yet night

When the Electricity Department has turned off the lights

And provides security for his house hold

With lamp in hand and the kerosene bowl

Checking to see if the doors and windows are closed

So his worried wife would leave him alone

Strength and a hammer are his clothing

And a light bulb he can safely screw in

He opens his mouth with discipline and instruction

And he is definitely not afraid of that rod of correction

He looks well to the ways of his household

And his love for his wife will never grow old

His children rise up and call him blessed

Cause their daddy is not filled with laziness

Many handymen have worked tirelessly

But thou excellest them all

In case of any emergencies

You can give him a call

A smile is not helpful

But a lawnmower will do

Brothers…being a handy man around the house

Your wife with surely praise you.


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