Personal Development Plan Example Around Your Passions

Identifying Your Desires And Using Them To Craft A Personal Development Plan For Your Future

Today, we are going to create  Personal Development Plan Example. We are going to be focusing on two aspects which is life and then developing a personal development plan and we are going to give an overall idea as to how it gets done.

personal development plan example

Hi everyone, this is Joan Maynard coming to you from Positively Driven. The place where we’re turning your passions, into lives and businesses that we love.

I know sometimes that this topic sounds a little drab and dreary and we don’t really want to talk about goals much less to write a personal development goal but this is going to be a little bit more different today.

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First of all, let’s talk about life.

Who do you want to become in life?

What do you want to be known for?

I know I have heard a quote that says ‘Never being forgotten is better than living forever’, but most of us are living life, unknown to ourselves, by default than by design.

We don’t, basically put a plan in place on a daily basis to achieve our goals or dreams or something to that sense.

We don’t do it.

We just get up, enjoy our day and then go to sleep. Get up enjoy the day, then go to sleep. That’s the rhythm of our lives.

When I was in the US, I went into Kmart and I was looking for a specific item, but instead I saw a gentlemen and he was packing shelves and he looked like he was around sixty to sixty-five…. I don’t think he was older than that.

Sixty to sixty-five years old, packing shelves.

Now, could have been something he wanted to do on his own to keep active but then that gave me an inspiration.

It gave me a drive.

Because I do not want to find myself being sixty or sixty-five years having to be working for somebody else. I want to have my own business.

I want to have my own life. I want to enjoy life.

At sixty-five you might prefer to sit down at home relaxing, you know, after all these years of working…relaxing yourself  instead of having to work to pay bills, having to work to pay your mortgage.

Most of us are in a situation like that.

Where life is not enjoyable, it’s not fulfilling you, it’s not exciting.

You are in a dead end job, nine to five, getting up, working and stressing yourself and straining yourself with for the employers.

You don’t have time for your family, to do things with your family.

The norm is to go to college. Get a degree in an area that is making the money…. not really about whether or not you enjoy that specific area.

It is not about your passions anymore. It is about the area that is making the money.

You get a degree in that area and then you come out and then maybe you work for someone else…that’s the norm. And then you get a house and you get a car and sometimes you have to put yourself in debt to get those things.

And you work for someone for years and years and you say if you put in most of your effort they are not going to fire me. But as you hear in the media over and over again, that’s not really what’s happening.

You understand?

That is not what is really happening and it is time for us to have a wakeup call.

We were not made to live by the norms of society.

We were not made to live in a square box.

We were made to be unique.

Our desires reveal our production and our production reveals our purpose.

That is exactly what we were made to do: our purpose.

Not what others say we must do, you know, be a doctor or a physician or be a salesman.

Ignoring our passions leaves us feeling like something is missing…like something is absent. It leaves feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied.

And most of the time we wonder what is missing?

What am I doing wrong? Where did I go wrong?

The enjoyment in life is just gone so it makes sense for us to go back and find things that we enjoy. What makes us fulfilled. What makes us satisfied and then create a path to success, using those things that most satisfy us.

And that is what we are going to be doing today.

Use These Questions To Identify Your Desires:

You Desires Goes Hand In Hand With Your Design.

First of all, we are going to be talking about our desires. So, there are some questions that can reveal what our desires are…in fact, help us to find out our desires.

These questions are:

  1. What makes me happy when I am doing it?
  2. What have others said is my natural knack to do?
  3. What others come to me for advice on?
  4. What are your hobbies?
  5. What are your interests?
  6. What makes time stand still for you?
  7. What motivates you?
  8. What inspires you?
  9. What excites you?
  10. What engages you?
  11. What scares you and holds you back?
  12. What do you do well naturally?
  13. What do you need to improve?
  14. What do you pretend to like but really don’t?
  15. What lies you are living?
  16. When was the last time you massively over delivered on something? What was it and why did you work so damn hard?
  17. When was the last time you were in a state of flow, in the zone and totally lost track of time? What were you doing?
  18. Imagine you won $15
  19. 8 million in the lottery. It’s now three months later.
  20. How will you spend tomorrow?

Those are the kind of questions that you answer and think about and you put them on paper and they lead you to your design.

Let’s take an eagle, for instance.

When you think about an eagle,  an eagle has a desire to soar sky high in the sky and what do they have?

Everything, made up within them, upon them to get them sky high in the sky.

You understand what I am saying?

They have razor sharp eyes that can see from afar. They have wings that will help them to soar above a storm.

So, they have the desire and when you realize it, that desire goes hand in hand with their design. So, we must go back to our desires that will reveal our design.

It is going to help to understand what we were made to do.

Use A Vision Board to Help Keep You Motivated  To Achieve Your Goals

OK, I gave you some questions that will start you out and you will find more questions above.

So, now that we have our desires, we must use our desires to map a path to success by having a clear vision.

A clear vision.

If you were to think about the next five years, where would you be? What would you be doing? And you create a vision board.

I have two different kinds of vision boards.

  1. There is a Picture vision board
  2. And I created a Money vision board.

With a picture vision board, you go through a magazine or some type of book you don’t mind tearing the pages out off and you take pictures that draws you or makes you feel excited.

And you take all those pictures and you put it together to show an overall concept of how your life would be looking.

And then you stick it on your wall and every day you watch that picture because that pictures gives you an overall picture of how your vision is for your future.

Now, the “Money Vision Board” for me, I created a board that had on all the what I would like to accomplish and how much it cost for each of them.

What time frame is it going to take for me to accomplish that and break it down into months.

How much would I have to save to get this?

How much would I have to save to get that.

That is what I call a vision board- a money vision board and a picture vision board. So, now that you have a clear vision you begin setting your goals.

Lesson Learn t From Shark Tank

I was watching this episode called ‘Shark Tank’ and if you have never watched it you should watch it because it is real interesting.

It deals with a lot of entrepreneurs talking about investments.

And one of the entrepreneurs told the young lady, ‘A goal without a timeline is just a dream’.

We have to bring it to reality by putting a time line to our goals.

Use The Steps to Set Areas Of Personal Development

Now that we have a clear vision of what we have to get done, so, now we have to set it up into different goals.

Long term goals, short term goals, medium term goals.

When we say short term goals you are talking about those within one year, to be accomplished in the next 12 months.

Medium term goals is 2 – 4 years for me and the long term goals is 5 – 20 years.

Whatever you want to accomplish in those timeframes and you put your goals on paper and then you segment them into short goals. I want to accomplish this by one year.

And the you say ‘okay, these are going to be accomplished between two to four years’ and then you say ‘these may take a much longer time so these will be accomplished in five to twenty years.’

And these goals must be smart goals. What do I mean by smart goals? ‘Smart goals’ does not mean smart as in intelligent. It means specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

So, let’s say for instance, goal number one: ‘I want to lose weight.’ Is this considered to be a smart goal?

No. Why?

Because it is not specific. It is not measurable. It is not achievable. It is not realistic nor timely.

So, when we are talking about specifics we are talking about the who and the what that it is going to take to get it done.

So, I want to lose twenty pounds: that is going to be specific, by May: that is going to be timely.

So, ‘I want to lose twenty pounds by May by going to the gym seven times a week.’

So, what is wrong with this goal?

It is getting smart but it is not all that smart as yet because it needs to be realistic.

Going to the gym is realistic but is going to the gym seven times a week really that realistic for you? Going to the gym seven times a week…now, if that is realistic for you, then fine…but maybe not.

Maybe three times a week would be more realistic. So, you create a goal that is going to be realistic for you, being specific, being timely, measurable and being realistic.

Use The Steps To Create a Personal Development Plan To Outline All Your Goals

It is time to create a personal development plan. With your personal development plan you have to start with in separate columns:

  1. The goal.
  2. Action Steps
  3. Resources
  4. Time
  5. Actual Time

So, you have to make a chart then you have the action steps,  that’s two.

Then, you have the resources and then the time and then your actual time. So, you have five areas or categories to put in this personal development plan.

When you are speaking about your goals, and we already said it has to be a smart goal. So, you start by saying ‘I will lose twenty pounds…’ so and so forth.

Creating Your Action Step:

Action Step #1

Then the action step is ‘I will get this done by joining a gym’.

You name the gym…and I am going to go on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, three times a week for the next three months until it reaches to May’. OK, that’s one action step.

Action Step #2

I am going to join Jenny Craig that is going to send me a meal plan in the mail.

So, you have your action steps down on your personal developmental plan.

Now, what resources you are going to need?

For sure, you are going to need the money to pay for the gym. You might need exercising shoes and you might need transportation to get you there and you might need the clothes or you might use the ones that you have in your closet.

So, you write the resources that you need to get you to achieve this goal.

Then you say ‘I am going to achieve this goal by May…May, two thousand and whatever…the year that you are in right now and achieve this goal by May.

Now when you have your personal development plans on paper, what you do now is use this plan. I did not say ‘put it in your chest of drawers’.

You put it up on your wall.

You remind yourself of what you are going to do every single week to get you to your goal but when you are doing that remember that sometimes things might not go as planned.

So give yourself a little breathing room so just in case something doesn’t go as planned.

You don’t feel like you have failed.

You give yourself some breathing room and then the actual timeframe comes in when you actually get your goal achieved…like June, two thousand whatever.

That’s what we called a custom development plan. You put each of your goals down, then you have resources…what you will need to get this goal achieved. You have your timeline and then this is the actual time frame.

Finding The Money To Get Each Goal Accomplished: Budgeting Made Easy

Now, it would be bad of me if I just leave it as personal development goals and not talk about the importance of having a budget to get this personal developmental goal up and running.

So, now you need a budget.

You create a budget for yourself. Yeah, the word ‘budget’ sounds more like restriction. You are not actually saying restriction.

Instead you are saying ‘I have two thousand dollars a month and this is how my two thousand dollars a month is going to be spent to make sure that I do not…this is how the two thousand dollars a month is going to be spent to make sure that my expenses stay within my income’…and do not breakeven when your expenses are equal to your income but instead your expenses are much less than your income.

So, you put down your budget and you have an extra eighty dollars set aside as extra income.

You are going to already have your savings and you have your expenses and you are done doing your shopping and you have an extra income of eighty dollars.

So, goal number one costs you…let’s assume goal number one is ‘I want to get a customer service certificate and it costs you four hundred dollars to get that certificate.

You have eighty dollars extra.

So, you take this eighty dollars and you divide it into this four hundred dollars and you see how many months…let’s say it is five months, six months.

How many months it’s going to take you to achieve the four hundred dollars to knock off the first goal and then when you are finished with goal number one, you go on to the second goal.

You have eighty dollars and the second goal might cost you six hundred dollars because you are going from the smallest to the largest in the goals.

It costs you six hundred dollars and you divide the eighty into six hundred dollars and see how much months it’s going to take for you to raise that amount of money to achieve the second goal and you put that eighty dollars aside where you cannot touch it because sometimes our hands is sticky we see something and we want it.

You put the eighty dollars aside where you cannot touch it until it reaches to the six hundred dollars to achieve goal number two and that is how it works for goal setting and personal development goals. That is how it works so you can get to where you desire in life.

Presto, Your Done!

So, I hope that something I have said on Positively Driven has been inspirational for you and I hope you like this Personal Development Plan Example. If you do, please subscribe and share it with your friends and family and join me on Positively Driven.

We are going to turn our passions into lives and businesses that we absolutely adore.

 Stay positive, stay driven and stay focused.

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