Overcoming Besetting Sins With The Quarterly Approach

Easy to Use Steps To Spiritual Maturity

Overcoming Besetting Sins. It’s Possible. This easy to use step will get you one the way today.

overcoming besettin sins

We have already discussed two major stepping stones, to our spiritual wellness in Christ, and now, we will continue in this Bible Study, by talking about ‘Besetting Sins’

We all have Besetting Sins that affects us, sometimes even on a daily basis. Some of these are hidden sins and others may be open for all to see. But they do exist, and in order for us to achieve spiritual maturity, Paul says in Hebrews, we must get rid of these sins. The more we work on these areas in our lives, and we are delivered from these sins, the more we become God’s vessel for his use.

These sins prevent us from progressing in the Spirit and they at times leave us feeling not worthy and ashamed: like every time you take one step forward, you turn around and take a few step backward. In all truth, that is exactly what is happening. We are being held back, by these carefully crafted plans of the enemy, for we cannot reach spiritual heights in God with these weights of hindrance.

The Way Out

But thanks is unto God for he made for us away out! Our God said in his word that ‘Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world’.  So the enemy might try, but God is greater! The way to our spiritual wellness was provided for us in the Word:

Hebrew 12:1

Wherefore, seeing that we also are compassed about with so great

a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and sin which

doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race

that is set before us.

In this chapter, Paul began by highlighting one very important fact: ‘seeing that we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses’

This means therefore, that we have so many Biblical examples of overcoming characters, all written as encouragement. Showing us that our spiritual wellness is achievable, and it is possible to live a righteous overcoming life.  Their faith and trust was place in the same God that we serve and he brought them through. God will bring us through.

Paul continued by saying: ‘let us lay aside every weight’

To get a better understanding let us look at this word in its original language. The Greek word for  ‘Weight’ is Ogkon which means a ‘bulk, mass, swelling or anything that hinders’.

So Paul was admonishing us then, to put away anything that hinders us. Anything that causes us to be side tracked. If ‘weight’ is translated as meaning ‘swelling or bulk’ then this weight not only speaks about hindrances but also anything that causes us to ‘swell’ or ‘puff up’. Perhaps our weight is Anger, Bitterness, Vanity or Pride, Disobedience or Self-will, Arrogance or Boastfulness. If there is anything in your life that causes you to exhibit anything other than humility then this is a weight that must be laid aside.

Paul did not stop there, he continued by saying: ‘and sin that which doth so easily beset us’

The Greek word for ‘easily beset’ is Euperistatos which has several meanings

  • easily encircling, easily surrounding, easily distracting
  • properly surrounded,  well planted ‘wholly’ all around
  • a serious hindrance that ‘encircles’ hampers someone who desperately needs to advance
  • skillfully surrounding, namely to prevent or retard running

Now if we look at the understanding of the word ‘easily beset’ you will uncover exactly what the enemy in trying to have done to God’s people. He is trying to prevent us from running and finishing this race by skillfully surrounding us with hindrances.

Have you ever watch a football match? (not that I am any football expert) .The idea is to run with the ball until you reach or score a goal. But in your way are hindrances (the defense) and their main objective is to prevent you from reaching your goal. They will go the extra mile, just to stop you, even if they have to trip and fall you and hold you in place, ‘until the whistle blows’ Am I Right? If we are not skillful enough to avoid them, it will happen every time.

Well this is the same idea when it comes to ‘besetting sins’. Their main purpose is to keep us from climbing higher and closer to God and they will continue with that purpose and might manage to ‘trip us and make us fall and even hold us in place’ unless we skillful avoid or rid them from our lives.

Acceptance of these sins is not the way to Spiritual Wellness. Covering up their existence is not the way to our Spiritual Wellness either. The reason why they pop up their ugly head, every now and then, is a way of saying ‘ this is a problem and it will not go away unless you deal with it’

Creating A ‘Bulk’ List

It’s time to do something about it. Our goal is Spiritual Wellness so it’s time to take action. My way of doing so is by making a list.  Let us call this list our ‘Bulk List’. Now think of all the areas in your life that have become hindrances to your Spiritual Growth and carefully list them in categories of difficulty. Don’t be ashamed to list the reasons why they have become hindrances.

The Basic Idea is to list every weight that is presently hindering your progress to your Spiritual Wellness. It might be Selfishness or Envy or Discontentment. It does not matter what they are just begin by making your list. It’s for your eyes only….You and Jesus.

For more help on making your ‘Bulk List’ you can follow these guidelines below:

  1. List any area in your life that the enemy has used as a stumbling block in your spiritual maturity.
  2. List all of your weaknesses and habitual areas that hinders you from achieving God’s promises in your life (Things that has become a comfortable part of your lifestyle ).
  3. List those areas that are a part of your personality or attitude that needs to be changed
  4. List anything that does not help your Spiritual Maturity but hinders your progress
  5. Anything that causes you to put yourself before God or our will before God’s will

Now that your list have been created, together we will work on ‘Laying them Aside’ by using the two most important methods that I have used for most of my to spiritual wellness.

Prayer. For this reason Christ died. His strength is made perfect in our weakness. And he will deliver us in any area of our life once we ask for his help. Call these areas of hindrance out to God in your personal times of Prayer. Ask him for his strength to overcome them.

Create a ‘Bulk List Resolution’ between you and  God that you will work on these areas on a daliy basis. But instead of trying to work on every one of these hindrance at the same time, what I do is reserve 3 – 4  months ( depends on the degree of difficulty)  in a year for just one item on my ‘Bulk List’.  You can give each item more time if you so desire.

By the end this time period, you will realize that with the help of the Lord, each item has become easier and easier to overcome. Then,  after each interval, you continue unto the next item on your ‘Bulk list’ and focus on the next item for another 3 months, while still making sure not fall back on the progress you have made in the 1st 3 months. See below for an example:



Hot Temper






Jan 1st – March 31st

April 1st – June 30th

July 1st – Sept 30th

Oct st – Dec 31st





Taking into consideration the Chart above, if you were on the second set of 3 months. Then your item of focus will be on Disobedience. However, while focusing on Disobedience, you will also continue to do everything that you did during the first 3 months, that prevented you from being a ‘Gossip’. If you were at the third set of 3 months, then you will be focusing on your Temperament while continuing to do everything you can to be ‘Obedient’ and not be a  ‘Gossip’.

When you complete the process, and you allow God to make the changes in your life, you will realise, that at the end of 1 year, by the strength of God, you would have conquered four items on your ‘Bulk List’ and eagerly ready to move on to the next four.

I hope that these few pages have helped you to achieve Spiritual Wellness in Christ and I pray that the eyes of your understanding may continue to be enlightened as you continue of this journey to Spiritual Growth.

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