Other Just Like Me

Christian Poetry

Do I seem a bit peculiar?

Is my clothes a little too lengthy

Does my principles seem odd to you?

Do I speak a bit too passionately?

When I walk do I stand out in a crowd?

Not blend in like others may be

Don’t worry; I am not on my own in this world

There’s others

Just like me

Is it my peace that affronts you?

When all is upside down

How can I be calm in times of war?

With darkness all around

But you did not see the endless nights I prayed

Now from fear and worry I’m set free

In its place I’ve been given such a calm

And there’s others

Just like me

Does it seem a bit irrational …

To choose good instead of sin?

Not follow the crowd like others do

But Stand firm and not give in?

Not many would like my decision

I stand for a cause that’s greater than me

Like Elijah, I might stand alone

But I am not alone,

For there’s others

Just like me

Is there any willing to go the distance

Willing to take a stand

To rebuild the paths that was broken down

For the glory of God not man

I’ll go alone if I have to

But alone I don’t have to be

For just in case you did not notice

There’s others

Just like me

And on that day of victory

When Jesus burst the clouds

You’ll see them in their glory

Coming from East, West, North and South

With Eyes of Joy, and Songs of Praise

Raiment Clear as a crystal sea

Then you will realize

That I was always right

You’ll see

Others Just like me

The opportunity is given now to you

From your sins you can be free

And you can be counted in the others

The others that’s just like me


written by:

Joan Maynard

Hi everyone, I am Joan. A small woman with a big voice and a big personality. I have been blessed with many talents poetry, music, designing, but my favorite is the gift of teaching, being my #1 joy. I hope you are blessed by the content on this site. So God bless you!Connect With Me On Facebook

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