Top 13 Most Influential People In Personal Growth and Development

Everyone wants the keys to rapid personal growth and development. Who doesn’t need breakthroughs in their life in one area or another? Whether it be health, business, relationships, personal goals, finances. You name it! Sometimes, all we need is someone who’s been where we are right now, to lead us to where we wanna be.

Influential People in Personal Growth

Top 13 most Influential People In the Industry

Here you’ll find a list of the top 13 persons who are inspiring lives. Some call them personality experts, some gurus, some life changers! I call them mentors.It is said that personal success is not measured by how high you climb the ladder of self-achievement, but it is measured by how many people you assist and impact through your success. We’ve chronicled 13 of the most focused and successful persons in the fields of business, finance, health and spiritual development.

Eager to know who made it to the list? Well continue reading for the answers…

Joan Maynard
Ps: ‘Everyone knows Oprah Winfrey, so this article will not bother noting that she is one of the best personal growth specialist of our time. I may take it a little further to say that she is a genius! We can learn a thing or two from her ‘geniosity’ (is that even a word :)).

Top 13 Most Influential People in Personal Growth Development: Who Made My List?

1. Brendon Burchard

brendon burchard personal growth and development

Oh boy, I can talk all day about Brendon. This man changed my life! Have you read his book ‘Millionaire Messenger Book’ yet?(please note: these links are not affiliate links). Then what are you waiting for?

Don’t walk …runnn!   ( Ok, I am trying to get back on track now …)

Where was I? Oh yes. More about Brendon.

Sometimes in life we need a loud wake up call to put some fire in our step. Brendon received his after having been involved in a near- death car accident at the age of 19. He became a motivational speaker and high-performance trainer in helping people, ‘discover how to live, love and matter’ in this world.

He wrote bestselling titles for New York Times such as ‘The Millionaire Messenger’ ( my personal favorite – if you have not realized that already) and ‘The Motivation Manifesto’. He is the man behind the most watched self-help series on YouTube and has over 2 million likes on his Facebook fan page.

2. Jillian Michaels
influential people in personal growthHer starring on ‘The Biggest Loser’ as a no-nonsense trainer has been an encouragement to many albeit, somehow aggressive. She has encouraged healthy habits for ages. This year she is planning to step away from this program, but she is still very much involved in the fitness field.

Her online personal training, popular weekly health podcast, and several workout DVDs has proved herself to be an unstoppable force in the fitness space.

She has gained public acceptance and popularity through the numerous healthy messages that she spreads about sexuality and love. One of her notable sayings was when she said that as long as you fall in love… it’s like organic food. She claimed to only to eat healthy foods and wanted healthy love.

3. Napoleon Hill
His quest to search for answers to financial independence has put him in the 3rd position. His popular books ‘Think And Grow Rich’ (which so happens to be the first personal growth book I have ever seriously read) and ‘The Law Of Success’ where he analyzes the personal habits, and personal traits of individuals who have attained financial success have elevated him to this position.

The knowledge and methods he discusses in these books can even be applied to an average person.

4. Dani Johnson

dani johnson personal growth training
Have you not ‘Plugged In To Dani’ yet?
Dani Johnson – from poor and homeless to millionaire in two years – is a life changer. Her personal development training and tips on debt management, business management and job management have impacted so many people, including myself. Take a look at the testimonial area on her website and you will see for yourself.

I read her free ebook during a time when I was searching for my purpose and boy did she over-deliver. And the amazing thing is it’s free! ( Did I mention – free?) Just go on over to her website and read that book. You’ll be wishing you did sooner.

5. Steve Harvey

Who doesn’t know Steve Harvey? If you do not, you need to check to make sure you’re from planet earth! ( just kidding 🙂 ) ..hint: ‘Have you watch Family Feud Lately?

He has done what many couldn’t achieve, crossing over from being an entertainer and a comedian to a guru in relationship issues. He has managed to connect with his audiences on a more personal and emotional level with his radio show ‘The Steve Harvey Morning Show’.

Having drawn inspiration from his own personal struggles and triumphs, Steve wrote his popular books that went on to be the best-selling entitled ‘Act like a Lady, Think like a Man’ and also ‘Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success’. (I’ve personally bought the kindle version of this book and it really is inspiring. Worth the read) These books have been an inspiration to many by offering personal development tips to those wishing to achieve self direction.

6. Tim Ferris

personal development

Have you ever heard of Tim Ferris? I did not know him either until I starting reading tons of self growth books. I soon realized a trend. The authors in many of these books regularly made mention of his very helpful guide called ‘4 hour work week’. ( the kindle version is for $1.99 right now. Great steal of a deal) So it peaked my interest. I have got to admit, this book is the bomb! His book and his blog are loaded with great business advice on time management to business automation.

From mini-retirement advice to literally outsourcing your life. If you want to live a fulfilled life on your own terms, then this book is a must read. Then stop on over to his website and take it all in. Trust me, you’ll leave a changed person … or atleast it did for me. What topped it all off was that I literally bought it on Amazon for only 1.99 cents ( kindle version) . A total steal of a deal if I may add.

7. Deepak Chopra, M.D.
Since his breakthrough into the health limelight, Deepak Chopra a meditation maven, has developed his own meditation app, published several books and even joined hands with Oprah in launching a 21-day Meditation experience. His efforts in ensuring stress reduction through his various activities are something that cannot go unnoticed even if some of his wellness approaches are questioned by many.

Whether you believe or not, his website has tons of information on alternative medicine, he has provided, and being the chief staff at a respected hospital in Boston, it is prudent to conclude that his ideas are worth exploring.


8. Chet Holmes

chet holmes positively driven

It would be literally disrespectful in my opinion, if Chet Holmes was excluded from this personal development list. Men, women, managers and companies highlight the teachings of Chet Holmes as the reason for their success.

His book ‘The Ultimate Sale Machine’ is a strong contender in the race for the title ‘Best Business Book Ever Created’. Some would dear to say that it’s #1. If you would like to take your business to a higher level, this is the man to take you there.

9. Jack Canfield
He is the known for his contribution in ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul Series’ which has sold over 123 million books. He has shared his skills and experiences as a success coach through corporate training and international speaking engagements with the likes of Sony Pictures and Virgin Records.

Jack Canfield is the founder of ‘The Foundation for Self-Esteem and the Transformational Leadership Council’ which has provided lots of motivation and inspiration to many.

10. Robert Kiyosaki

robert kyosaki positively driven

Where would this list be without the mind revolutionist himself, Mr. Robert Kiyosaki. I began reading the first book ‘Rich Dad/ Poor Dad – the first book in his series – and I literally was amazed at the transformation it did on the way I began to view financial matters. Do you know the slogan ‘hooked on Phonics’? Well, I became ‘hooked on Kiyosaki’. I learnt investment and money management while starting a business.

There is so much more to learn within the pages of this book. It has earned a permanent spot on my bookshelf for reference. His work has transformed the minds of millions around the world earning him a spot with the top financial advisers.

11. Larry Burkett
Larry Burkett has won the hearts of persons everywhere with his unique ability to dissect and present financial tips and training while still remaining informative and humorous. His book ‘The World Easiest Guide to Finances’ is my budgeting manual ( hey, I am not afraid to say that I need help :)) and it has kept me from making many big mistakes.

His book list is endless contributing to outrageous success. His website offers endless financial tools for your success.

12. Robin Roberts
She was a college basketball superstar before appearing as a Good Morning America reporter and hosting ESPN Sports Center back in 1990s. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, and she shared her experience in her titles ‘From the Heart: Seven Rules to Live By’ and ‘From the Heart, Eight Rules to Live By’.

After overcoming cancer, she was diagnosed with a blood disorder linked to chemotherapy. The struggles inspired her to pen down ‘Everybody’s Got Something’ which has been a source of optimism and inspiration to many.

13. Tony Robins

tony robbins personal growth tips

Why is Tony last on the list? Actually, in my defense, I saved the best for last 🙂

Tony Robins is a great author, coach and speaker on the psychology of peak performance. He has reached over 100 countries touching the lives of over 50 million people with his public speaking, books and multimedia products.
He has authored several books such as  Money: Master the Game; 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom’ to demystify investing and finances. He has addressed groups in various diversities including British Parliament Harvard Business School and the World Economic Forum. His 2006 TED show has received 13 million views making it the eight most popular TED show.

He has also provided advisory services to humanitarian and political leaders such as Nelson Mandera, Margaret Thatcher, and Mother Teresa as well as three US presidents. He is an icon in the field of personal growth and development.

Honorary Mentions

• Dan Harris
• Lisa Nicholls
Dave Ramsey
Michael Hyatt
• Rhonda Bryne

Why is this List of Influential People In Personal Growth Important?

As Tony Robbins once said ‘If you want to know something, or get somewhere, fast, model the lives of persons who are living what you desire. Follow their lead. Learn from their mistakes. Curb your learning experience by many years.’
At the end of the article I did realize that 13 slots were not nearly enough areas to mention individuals who have skyrocketed to success while transforming the lives of millions.

What do you think of my list of most influential people in personal growth and development? Who do you think should be on the list?

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