The Health Benefits of Living a Purposeful Life

Have you ever taken a moment to wonder about life’s purpose? To really think about what you’re doing here on earth and how it is making a difference in the life of others?

living a purposeful life

I am sure that the question has crossed your mind at some point throughout your years. Well, maybe you’ve asked yourself that question today!

Finding the answer to your purpose here on earth may not be easy, but doing this can take you from merely existing to actually living. Actually thriving! And man, does it have amazing health benefits.

What Is a Purposeful Life?

A purposeful life is a meaningful one. A life lived with passion; touching and changing the lives of individuals around you just by your presence.

To put it plainly is ‘finding your reason for being here on earth and walking in that reason daily’. Just the joy that comes from living a purposeful life will be felt by others around you.

If you were to associate with anyone that is living a life filled with purpose, you would realize that for them, their daily activities are not viewed as ‘work’ but as ‘fun’ or ‘a calling’.

For them, there is nothing else on this earth that would hold more meaning. Fulfillment comes from using their gift to transform the lives others. Nothing feels sweeter.

UnPurposeful Living and Health Connection

When we are living a life without purpose, the rigors of life can begin to take a toll. Suddenly working a 9 to 5 job ( sometimes 9am to 9pm 🙂 ) does not hold the same appeal as it used to have when you were younger. Owning that home does not give you the satisfaction that you thought it would. And you are left to wonder, ‘is this all there is to life?’.

I know. I’ve been right there.

It leaves you feeling unmotivated and frustrated; depressed, stressed, lonely and at times even angry. ( Angry at yourself. Angry at life. Angry at everything).

To compound the problem, being in this constant state of depression and uncertainty can cause health issues. In addition, when you’re not feeling well mentally and emotionally, your immune system can be affected. Living in a constant state of emotional turmoil can significantly compromise your health.

A Purposeful Life and The Health Benefits

“It turns out that purpose is, on many counts, a good thing to have long associated with satisfaction and happiness, better physical functioning, even better sleep. It’s a very robust predictor of health and wellness in old age,” said Patricia Boyle, a neuropsychologist at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago.

I am not one to quote statistics and comments made my doctors, but this comment made by Patricia Boyle  was just worth quoting. To paraphrase, she said living a life of purpose can significantly increase your health and energy. Imagine that! Just simply living a life doing what you feel passionate about; doing what give you joy; can play such a significant role on your health.

People with a purposeful life enjoy some of these health benefits:

  • Better sleep
  • Improved metabolism for weight management
  • Energy
  • Balanced mood
  • Fewer illnesses
  • Disease prevention

Do You Want to Live a Fulfilling, Happy Life?

As you were reading the above about the benefits of living a purposeful life, you probably nodded your head:

  • You hate being tired all of the time.
  • You hate that every day you just go through the motions.
  • You hate your job. You are just working to pay the bills.
  • Your family and friends are affected by your mood being up and down.

There is hope for you. There is hope for a better life. A life you will love!

This is not a joke. It’s reality. A reality that can be yours.

Let’s take the above statement and flip them around. Just take a moment to think about them in these ways:

  • How about having more energy and not feeling tired during the day?
  • What about being genuinely happy? Wouldn’t that feel good?
  • Doing things that have meaning to you, or make you want to get up in the morning to start the new day.
  • Being happy with the way you look and live.

It may not seem possible, but guess what? It’s completely possible. You can live a life in control and feel empowered. You can smile at what you do every day and be happy when you go to bed because you’re looking forward to the possibilities of the next day. You can do all of this, you just need to start living a meaningful life.

How You Can Start Living Purposefully

Living a fulfilling life is not difficult. You can do it! You just need to find your gift and walk in it. Sounds weird? Follow these beginner’s steps to start living purposefully.

  1. Spend some time alone to think about what would make you happy. Make a list of those things and don’t worry how long that list is getting. You will be working off of it.
  2. Go through the list and circle the ones that are possible just by changing the way you live your life or by changing your perspective.
  3. Create a new list with just the ones that are circled.
  4. Underneath your list, make a plan. How will you achieve these things? What will you need?
  5. Give yourself a time limit, especially if you have a tendency to put things off for too long.

As you follow the steps and accomplish some of your goals, you will start to feel better about yourself and life. You’ll also feel empowered to continue to do more to live a happy, fulfilling life. Let’s live a life or purpose together!

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