Interview With Jam Rock Restaurant And Beach Bar

Jam rock Restaurant And Beach Bar: St Kitts

I got to cook my very own Jam Burst salad, in Jam Rock’s kitchen! Well, you know got some pointers from the King of Jerk himself! It was too much fun to even put into words, as will see in this interview

Interview with Jam Rock Restaurant and Beach Bar

As always, I wanted to know, when and why Jam Rock begin this business and pick his brain for some tips that he can leave with us, on our venture to create our very own unique startup of our own:

Within the interview you’ll learn things like:

  • His early day and reasons why he began Jam Rock’s Restaurant and Beach Bar?
  • What market research he did to create Jam Rock?
  • Common traits among the most successful people?
  • Motivation and drive behind his business?

By the end of it all, I got my very own Jam Burst Salad on the house, which I made – myself, through blood, sweat and tears. 🙂 ( Just kidding)

It was and amazing experience.

I will not stop you any longer, enjoy!

So let’s talk!

Now that you’ve had a chance to watch the video, leave your comments below.

I asked Jam Rock to share with us his motivation, now it’s time to share yours. What’s your main driving force behind why you would like to or have begin you very own business?

 We would love to here from you and grow together!

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