IFTTT For Website Post Automation: Instructions Inside

Automatically Share Wordpress Post On Facebook or Other Social Networks

Hi, my Passion Enthusiast! I just had to dish on this great discovery that I was introduced to last week. It’s called IFTTT ( I know, weird name 🙂 ) I thought so too. But a super great product for website automation.

IFTTT posts automatically to facebook or twitter

So as everyone would know by now, I built my website all by myself, from scratch. So along the way, I had to learn –the hard way – what is takes to get a website running smoothly and boyyy was it difficult. I still have some headaches.

So recently my new obsession was to find a product that would automatically post my website posts to Facebook and Twitter. Or any other social media for that matter. I was super tired of having to manually post each blog post myself. After all, there had to be a plugin or something that can do it all for me, right?!

Yep there is!

Actually, there are lots of plugins to share post automatically to social media . But today, it’s all about IFTTT.

IFTTT is actually not a plugin but a website. What it does, is allow you to choose ‘recipes’ ( which is their name for ‘instructions’). There are tons of instructions to choose from. You can choose things like ‘post your Youtube uploads to Facebook’ to as weird as ‘turn ring tone back up when you leave work’.

Linking Post to Facebook and Twitter

For now I only clicked on two recipes.

  1. Automatically share your WordPress post to Facebook
  2. Automatically share your WordPress post to Twitter

And voila! My stress was over! I no longer had to worry about posting anything to my social media accounts anymore, it was all done for me. Phew. What a relief.

Now It’s Your Turn: IFTTT Instructions

Step 1.

Go to IFTTT.com and create your own account. Make sure to use a password that you will remember, but still difficult for others to figure out.

IFTTT Instructions

Step 2.

After you’ve created your account, you will be automatically transferred to a page that looks like below, with the words ‘if this, then that’. I was a little stumped right here, as I tried to figure out what they wanted me to do. But all you have to do is click on ‘this’ – it’s colored in blue.

IFTTT Instructions2

When the area changes, then click on the word ‘that’ – it will also be highlighted in blue. Then click ‘continue’.

Step 3

You’ll be asked to select three (3) channels to continue. I selected Facebook, Twitter and Craigslist, just to move on.

recipes IFTTT instructions

Then I was in the ‘recipes’ area.

Step 4.

You can look for these recipes, by scrolling through. They have thousands! Or you can simply search for what you want by putting a keyword in the search area. That’s what I did. Then I found these two recipes below:

  1. Automatically share your WordPress post to Facebook
  2. Automatically share your WordPress post to Twitter

NB : You can also easily find them searching for the word ‘automatically’.

After Clicking The Recipes You Want

Step 5.

After you’ve clicked on the IFTTT recipes that you want, you’ll be directed to this page for a connection. You’ll have to connect your WordPress website and your Facebook account.

connect IFTTT Instructions

Follow instructions given, by adding your blog URL, username and password, then press ‘connect’.

Follow similar instructions to connect your Facebook or social media account. You will then be asked to add a few words as a social media introduction, something like ‘Check out our newest post’. And that’s it you are done. Literally :). The word ‘Done’ will show on the screen.

Now it’s time to follow the same instructions to connect your twitter account.

Now you can sit back and watch it all happen without effort.

Her’s an example of how it will look post on your Facebook business page. No seriously, doesn’t it look great?! I absolutely love how it turned out.

IFTTT post to facebook

Now Go! Do it!

Make your life and business more easier.

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Have you ever tried IFTTT? Did you find these IFTTT instructions helpful? Do you love using IFTTT  or maybe you prefer another plugin? Let us know what you use to automatically post to Facebook or other social media networks. Share your experiences so we can grow. Remember, each one, teach one.

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