Healthy Organic Tips From Ital Creations

Interview with Judah and Yayah Fari

The dangers that is present in the food today can leave you wondering, does it even make sense to eat any more?! Well, today at Positively Driven, I had an amazing time chatting with the owners of an organic farm and restaurant, Mr Judah Fari and Mrs Yayah Fari on the island of St. Kitts, called Ital Creations.

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They not only opened their kitchen but their garden and their hearts as well. I ate a wrap as big as my head! and the green sauce on that thing made my mouth water. I left full, inspired and happy 🙂Joan Maynard Interview Ital Creation

With our fast paced lives, sometimes it’s easier to grab the closest thing to our hand to eat as we rush through the door or to the next meeting. Located on the bypass road, opposite the army camp, their main vision is to sensitize the public to the dangers of processed foods.  So they created a place where the public can come to be fed and leave healthy. You can listen in on our interview below, but first, here’s an overview of Fari Organic Farm.

Overview Fari Organic Farm

Before the interview I was taken on a journey through the organic farm. That land is big!

Fari Organic Farm was owned by the grandfather of Judah Fari. Ownership was transferred to Judah Fari with continued the mission to health the community to become health conscious.

They make their own fertilizer from dried leaves. At Fari organic farm they plant most of what they eat. Lettuce, greens, fruit trees, vegetables, seasonings, healing herbs and a whole plot of land for the moringa tree alone! As you may be aware, the moringa tree is a healing plant that treat over 300 sicknesses.  And I’ve got to say, it does not taste bad at all! It was an education journey. There was too many plants to memorize.

On that very same land is a basket ball court used in the summer by children, and a yoga area. You can see my adventure below in these mini clips:

Interview Questions Asked

  1. History of Ital Creations
  2. What caused you to take the healthy approach?
  3. How did the word get around about Ital creations?
  4. There is a saying out there that healthy food does not taste good, what do you have to say about this?
  5. If someone would like to begin eating healthy, can you give them three basic steps they can use today?
  6. Different Oils to use when cooking
  7. Types of rice to use when cooking
  8. Where did you learn to cook these meals? Is it just natural talent?
  9. What do you use in your restaurant to prepare stuff, which you would recommend that viewers purchase, to use in their homes?
  10. The Fedup Documentary showing on 10th December, open to the public.

Take a Look at the Interview Below

So let’s talk!

Now that you’ve had a chance to watch the video, leave your comments below.

I asked Judah and Yayah to share three tips that someone can implement today in their daily lives to begin living healthy. And Judah commented by saying lots of fruits, vegetables and water.

Can you share two or three tips that you recommend someone use to begin living a healthy life? Leave your comments and stories below. We would love to here from you and grow together!

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