Get Up

A Tribute To All My Sisters

Black Woman

Dying for the love of another

For the warm touch, strength and care of a brother

Yearning to be wanted for more than her beauty

Longing to be loved for more than a body

Black sisters are crying

Their lives changing each moment

By experiences not uttered

But was most definitely felt



Raped …scarred


Their voices are not heard

Yet they are speaking so loudly

Now let us read

The Language of their body

Sad eyes….

Their aching and aching so deep down inside

Trapped in their struggles

But the pain they can’t hide

Distant stare…

What’s that but the hopes of a future

By one woman whose present

Looks bleaker and bleaker

Fading Smile…

Where’s the light that was shining so brightly

And the joy that was present

At the birth of that baby

Oh… Words are so easy

Why can’t she just get up and move on

But at times it takes one stronger

To bear the burden of the young

Young sisters, Black Women

We gotta get up from here

There is still much left to live for

Be somebody who care

Show the world we are different

Be that listening ear

Be the shoulder to cry on

Let us reach out and share

Help someone by your story

Be an example to follow

Tell them don’t go down there baby

I already went so I’ll know

Young sisters, Black women

Rise up, don’t be scared

Run, take your sister by the hand

And say, Girl we gotta get up from here.

      written by: Joan Maynard

Hi everyone, I am Joan. A small woman with a big voice and a big personality. I have been blessed with many talents poetry, music, designing, but my favorite is the gift of teaching, being my #1 joy. I hope you are blessed by the content on this site. So God bless you!Connect With Me On Facebook

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