Finding Joy: Journey To A Life You Are Crazy About!

6 Tried and Testing Questions To Get You Started

Welcome to your ‘Finding Joy Journey’. So, have you ever jumped up in the morning pumped to start the day? Like an excited little child waiting for Christmas morning, you just couldn’t wait for what the day would hold?

finding your passion in life

Have you ever been there?

You can’t wait to go to sleep at night just to wake up in the morning and continue the project you’ve left off.

That’s the feeling that I’m talking about.

Pure unadulterated joy.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t. Many people live this life every day.

Society has taught us that there is no need for joy in work. After all, it is work, not play. But why can’t work be play? Why can’t we experience excitement while working hard? Since we spend about 30 – 40% of our day working, then finding joy in work is as important anything else. Well, if you do something you love you will never work day in your life!

If what you are doing does not cause you to get excited about life; it does not cause you to hop out of bed; it does not cause you to think of bigger and better and bolder ways to accomplish even more; then you may not have experienced the joy that comes with purpose.

Like a dog sniffing out a trail

Following the trail of joy can be your number one indicator that you are on your way to a life filled with purpose.

Steve Jobs said it wayyy better than I ever could:

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet keep looking. Don’t settle” – Steve Jobs

I would have to agree, if you have not found what you enjoy, keep looking!

We must figure out for ourselves what makes us happy. Even if it does not make sense to anyone else. It’s not about anyone else but you.

So what do you enjoy doing?

  • What gives you excitement just thinking about it?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What puts the spring in your steps?
  • What makes you feel ten (10 ) years younger?

Have no clue? Don’t worry that’s what this lesson is for. But first let’s find out a little more about joy. And, yes, we’ll be doing some soul searching with these six questions up ahead. So get your seatbelts on, we are in for a ride!

What’s Joy Got To Do With It?

Using the rhythm of my girl Tina Turner …“What’s Joy Got To Do, Got to Do With It?”

Well let’s find out shall we…

There is no denying that you and I entered the world with a purpose. Every animal, every tree, even the oxygen that we breathe has a purpose. So do we. The problem is, at times our purpose is not clearly seen.

I agree, it would have been so much easier if at birth, we also had a sign stuck to our feet that read “this one would invent electricity!” Life would have been so much less complicated wouldn’t it?

But that’s not the case.

However, even thou we were not born with signs nailed to our bodies, we were still given what I call ‘breadcrumb trails’.

One such breadcrumb trail is Joy.

Identifying what you enjoy can be one way of recognizing your purpose.

What is Joy?

If we were to look for a definition of joy, you will find something that read roughly like these below:

  • an emotion of great delight or happiness, caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying
  • a source or cause of keen pleasure or delight; something or someone greatly valued or appreciated

But what does this really mean?

The first key word here for me is ‘great delight’. Not just delight but a whole boat load of pleasure! I know that feeling! That giddy excitement, or amazing feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. Do you know that feeling that I am talking about?

The second key word in this definition is ‘source or cause of’

This may not make sense to you right now but it will in a moment. If you are a dancer; when do you feel the most alive or the most pleasure? The moment you begin dancing right?

If you are a speaker, when does it happen for you? The moment you take that stage and begin doing what you do, right?

Why is this so?

Because for you, your source is dance

Because for you your source is speaking

So when you connect with your source, you find joy.

That feeling of surety, that feeling of pleasure happens the moment when you find your source. You feel pleasure the moment that you connect with your cause.

You feel satisfaction the moment you connect with your purpose, or your reason for being here.

And the automatic reaction is, you want more. More of the same please!

My personal example

The first time I stood in front of a group of people to present, was one of those moments. I felt so alive. I literally bubbled with excitement. Doing what I enjoyed and loved caused me to speak with such conviction and passion that it moved so many people. I even moved myself J. It was amazing. I just knew that I had to do that again. I just knew that this had to be a constant part of my life. It simple was not enough. I wanted more.

What’s the moral of this story? Simple …

… When you connect with your source, you will know as well.

When you connect with your purpose your whole being sings!

Mmm, Talent Mixed With Joy, Tastes So Right

Because we were born with a purpose, our inner man already knows what will make you most satisfied. It already knows who you are supposed to be in this world. When you get a taste of it, or come close to it, you inner man leaps!

As if it is pointing, ‘that’s it, that’s it right there!

It already knows how far you are suppose to go and how many lives you will touch with your gift once it is used. So when you see others walking in your calling your inner begins to yearn for the same.

Lying deep within you is purpose ready to be awakened.

So because your inner man already has all the answers, following it’s lead can really unlock some amazing discoveries.

Your Talent Mixed With Joy

I honestly believe that every one of us was given talents or gifts.

These are natural abilities or capacities that seems like second nature to us. They are things that come so effortless to us that they can often be taken for granted. You may be a person that can find humour in every situation. That right there is a talent. Because I sure cant! Lol. These are also things that you can’t seem to understand why no one else get’s it.

Your talents or gifts may be unique or it can be similar to someone else, but when you begin to operate in that gift, everyone can see a difference. Because no matter how similar your gift is to another, everyone has their own flare. No one will be able to touch another person the way that you can. Why?

Because your gift only belongs to you.

No one else can do it like you.

However, there are many people who we born with talents that they do not use, whether due to personal fears or simply because they do not like that ability.

But when you literally find boatloads of joy, doing what you do best, the whole world stops just to watch you do your thing! Who on earth will be able to stop you?

Just being in the atmosphere of charged people energizes you so much.

Joy is like the fuel for the engine, the energy for the battery, the ying for the yang, the…well you get the picture :). It energizes you so much that hours can seem like seconds when you are consumed with what you love. Your passion reaches out and captivate others!

It grabs others and shake them awake. Wake up, joy is here!

Why is Finding Joy Necessary? What Can Joy Do?

It is true, you can accomplish a task without having much love for it. People do it every day. A vast majority of society goes to their jobs every day just to pay the bills. The joy for their work is simply non existent.

They may have houses or cars or money in the bank, but they are mentally drained. Tired. Wondering if this is all to living? That’s why joy is so necessary. A love for what you do.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘the joy of the Lord is your strength’?.

Well, it is.

The pleasure you gain when you operate in your gift literally gives you strength. You want to work. You are energized for the tasks. The passion that you will exude in that moment will give you the strength to go for hours without feeling hungry.

Imagine that!

When you look into the biblical greek meaning of the word strength it actually means ‘fortification, defense, force, fort and rock’.

Just the meaning alone, shows the magnitude of what joy can do.

I know, there is negative criticism everywhere. Not constructive criticism. Just simply negative, aimed to pull you down or sway you from your dream. These can come in words like

  • No, that’s impossible
  • Take your head from out of the clouds
  • You are no good
  • You will never do anything big
  • What do you think you are playing?

But it is in these moments that joy steps in. The joy for what you do will literally give you strength to ride over those waves. The joy in what you do will be you defense. It will be your stability.

You just know, that you know, that you know, that you know you will win if you do not quit!

In moments of hardship, that joy that remains for what you love will be your force to break through any obstacles.

That’s the joy I’m talking about!

How Can You Find What You Enjoy Doing? These Six Questions Will Help

  1. What is in your bookshelf? – If you love to read, like myself, then whatever you enjoy doing, you will probably enjoy reading it also. So then it would most likely be in your book shelf as well. So, start looking right there. Do you see a theme of some sort? Like lots of books on ‘Do it Yourself’ projects. Perhaps, lots of cookbooks? Maybe, lots of books concerning cats, or health, or cars. You get the idea. Look for your predominant theme in your bookshelf. This can help you identify what you love.
  1. What topics are you passionate about? – What are the topics that you can go on and on for days speaking about? If I am asked a question about healthy living for instance, I can talk someone to death on that topic. If I am asked about walking in your purpose someone would literally have to shut me up, just to stop me from talking. I would still have the first, middle and last say. I just can’t help myself, it seems. So what stirs your blood? If there is a discussion that you will take center stage in, what would it be about?
  1. What do you notice? – A clothing designer would notice that my colors do not match much faster than I ever would. A hairstylist could see that a person’s hair needs a treatment from a mile away. So what do you notice without anyone drawing it to your attention? What grabs your attention when it is not functioning properly? Is it relationships?
  1. If given the opportunity, what would you spend your days doing? – Is it painting, fishing, singing, writing, building, …huhh…drawing, sculpting, playing music, hiking, flying, traveling? Now take a moment to write down the reason why you like doing it? Do you realize that your mood begins to changing? Just focusing on what you enjoy doing shifts your mood doesn’t it? It happens to me every time.
  1. What draws others to you? – What were you doing in that moment? What does your friends and family ask your assistance with? You may be best in breaking down information so that others can understand. You may be great at giving advice. Perhaps children are drawn to you because you can relate to their feelings. Your zest is easier seen by others, than yourselves sometimes. So have anyone said these words to you lately? “You are so great at …. “ or “You’re a great …” Fill in the blanks.
  1. What’s the name of your mentor? – If you have a particular mentor, have you ever stopped to ask why that person was chosen? Well now is the time. Why do you find that person inspiring? There must be something that they have that you want. There must be something that has you coming back for more, every time. What is it?

For me, my mentor is Mr. Les Brown, the famous motivational speaker. I just love how he has the ability to captivate a room. I just love his fearlessness. I love his lightheartedness and determination. He motivates me, because he is an example of who I want to become. Do you understand what I mean? You probably enjoy listening and observing your mentor because he or she has something that you want.

Alright, if you have reached this far, your notepad should be full of ideas that you find joy doing. Who knows, maybe it’s just one reoccurring theme or maybe there are many things that you enjoy doing. The main point of this lesson is to identify your source(s) of joy.

If this lesson has impacted you in anyway Click to share this lesson with your family and friends so that we all can grow together. That’s the whole idea right?

Now that’s done, let’s continue on this ‘Finding Joy Journey’.

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  3. Your Talents
  4. Your Strengths


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