Passion 101: How to Find Your Passion in Life and Business?

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Wondering what a life full of passion and purpose would look like? Finding your passion in life or business does not have to be like pulling teeth.

finding your passion in life

It really doesn’t.

Perhaps you have been looking for clues in all the wrong places? Or could it be, that you have asked some wrong questions? Or perhaps you are on the right course but you just need a little bit more information. Well, guess what? You’ve come to the perfect spot to get over these hurdles.

First, let’s day dream for a moment …

Imagine right now that you are doing what you love to do. Something that gives you joy and excitement; that makes you excited to hop out of bed every morning; that makes you think of ways to make the experience even better. Imagine even after a hard day’s work, you are more ready and willing to jump in the saddle again the next day!

Now, imagine that you get to do this ‘something’ every single day and to top it off you get paid to live your dreams! Imagine, while doing this ’something ’ you begin to accumulate an army of fans and satisfied customers that constantly return, or willingly share your business with others simply because you offer such a superb experience and great value.

You leave them wanting more …

Wow! That would be simply amazing, wouldn’t it?

Well, that is exactly where we are going. To get that experience. To live our desires and purposes to the fullest.

Everyone one us was born with a purpose, or a gift, or a seed that is lying within them. When it is found and watered it creates such a great tree that birds come to nest and others are drawn just to taste of it’s fruit. People are literally drawn to you because of your zest and and love for what you do.

Did I stutter when I said everyone? …

Nope I did not.

How Do We Locate That Gift? How Do We Find Our Passion?

How would I know where to begin?

Below you will find a series of lesson and videos that will assist you on that journey of self discovery. Learning the keys to finding, understanding and developing your gift or passion can be the very thing you need to unlock your life’s purpose. As this page developed, I promise to go above and beyond to deliver awesome material that will assist you in stirring and feeding that passion.

Oh, one more thing …

Throughout your journey  of self discovery you may find that you have more that one gift or strength or passion. I say the more the merrier!

These are not hindrances but assets and mediums the accomplish your destiny!

What do I mean by medium? Well by definition it is 

  • ‘an intervening agency, means, or instrument by which something is conveyed or accomplished’
  • ‘an intervening substance through which a force acts or an effect is produced’

So I say again. Your gifts are not hindrances. Your strengths are not hindrances. They should not be ignored! They are ‘intervening agencies, means, or instruments by which something is conveyed or accomplished’

So let’s go and find out gift and feed our passions. Follow me …

Your Starting Point To Purpose

Your inner man already knows your purpose. Already knows who you are suppose to be in this world. It already knows how far you are suppose to go, how many lives you will touch with your gift. It all there already within you. Lying deep within ready to be awakened. How do you know what’s your purpose? Follow the breadcrumb trail that was left for each one of us:

  1. Finding Joy: Journey To A Live That You Are Crazy About!
  2. Passion Indicators
  3. Your Talents
  4. Your Strengths

The Passion Test

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