Faithful In Little

Christian Poetry

In 1968 our journey begun, the master of the vineyard looked around for a son

Who possessed the qualities for the job he would do

His task, to prepare a legend of a church, from out of just a few

As heaven stood in eagerness, to see who’ll be the chosen one

The baton was given into the hands of one man named John

Talents were distributed, for others, theirs were great

To some he gave hundreds, to John Cuffy he gave only eight

Eight souls? Seemed impossible to accomplish a task so great

But John Cuffy, was not merely just a man, he was a man of faith

To John, the master of the vineyard said, ‘Eight souls is just enough,’

‘If you be faithful with little, my son you will see, you’ll become Lord over much’


So John Cuffy set to work, his faith was watered with fasting and prayers

Impossible task became possible, from eight souls to 300 hundred in just a few years

As the years began to roll on by, trials came from every side

In 1985 the enemy planted discord and we suffered a great divide

From Shaw Avenue to Fiennes Avenue, then to Sandy Point we had to go,

For others, they would have given up ‘long time, but John did not know the word ‘No’

So the trials continued, when will it end? From Sandy Point to Basseterre

We had church in the park, and in homes, we then moved to Taylors and settled there

Oppositions from Politicians and Religions, we lost many friends, it was rough

But John kept the words of his master , If you’ll be faithful in little, you’ll be Lord over much


For 8 years, like Israel in the wilderness, seemed like lifting up Jesus had become a crime

For we had fires, mess in the benches, ropes cut, tent torn, and stealings numerous times

Our Founder John Cuffy was not here to see our Victory in 2005

Leaving Taylors we moved to Gillard’s Housing, our new Church Site

Praises be to God, for our accomplishment, 45 years is no small feat

Years of leadership, miracles, Kingdom Advancement, Visions, Prophecies

Through much prayers and fasting we stood our Ground, thou at times it seemed real tough

But we held on to the words of our master, if we be faithful in little, we’ll be Lord over much

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