Richard Brown

Yes; I praise GOD for this material because although I have been saved for 18 years; I am still at the beginning of my spiritual walk. Now that I have realized the hindrances that have been easily besetting me; I am ready to move forward. I am excited and I truly thank the Lord and […]


Jaime Mc Call

As a child of God, I’ve always heard it being said and preached that ‘we need to come to Spiritual Growth’. However, to my dismay, I was never given a clear and concise point to point formula as to what spiritual maturity is and how to track my progress. Until I found this book !!! […]

S. Vadencia Edwards

Love at First Read Joan Maynard’s free E-Book on spiritual growth entitled “The Clear Path to Spiritual Maturity” is a ‘Must Read’. Especially for Christians who are thirsty and eager for more in their relationship with God ( New Converts, Longstanding Believers, Those Contemplating Salvation, ALL). Where ever you are on the spiritual spectrum this […]

Adolcene Woodley

THIS BOOK IS WOW! This free ebook on Spiritual growth is Amazing! Straight from the throne room. I now understand why God told me that you are ready and prepared and on the right track because obviously you are seeking God in many ways. This book is clearly and logically set out and flows with […]


This is the Best Book Ever! The Clear Path to Spiritual Maturity, has really touched my life. I mean this free ebook on Spiritual Growth explained everything I didn’t understand clearly and it has opened up my eyes to many things. Honestly, I felt the Anointing reading this book. It even brought tears to my […]