9 High Energy Foods Of Highly Successful People

Success and health go hand in hand. If you are successful without being healthy, you will probably not be able to enjoy your success. A good health is necessary to keep working and achieve success in life and business. Most people who are successful have different eating habits, which provide them a cutting edge over […]

Success and Health

I Found Canva! The Best Graphics Design Tool On The Market

Making Graphics Design Free and Simple

Hi my fellow ‘positively-driveners’ ( I am so terrible at name creations 🙂 ) I just had to pause to tell you about a new tool that I recently found that has revolutionized my blog photos. And did I mention it’s free! This blog post is all about my new best friend, Canva. A simple […]

About Canva

Tips Setting Goals: 7 Interesting Reasons Why Our Goals Fail

Part 1 of the Tips Setting Goals Series. It Highlights The 'Whys' But Also Shows The 'Hows'

Let me first point out that these tips for goal setting is not for everyone. They were only designed for the selected few that will make the decision to do something about their present state and condition. Who will choose to make better choices. Who will choose to take larger steps. Who will choose to […]

tips setting goals

Top 13 Most Influential People In Personal Growth and Development

Everyone wants the keys to rapid personal growth and development. Who doesn’t need breakthroughs in their life in one area or another? Whether it be health, business, relationships, personal goals, finances. You name it! Sometimes, all we need is someone who’s been where we are right now, to lead us to where we wanna be. […]

Influential People in Personal Growth