I’ve Decided To Change My Life

I’ve decided that it’s time to change my life. Sitting at home for the hundredth time, wishing and hoping that things could be more exciting. Blaming it on the area that I’m in, St Kitts. After all, I’ve done everything that’s worth doing and I’m still not satisfied. I’m tired of looking out my office […]

Joan Maynard Change my life

Finding Joy: Journey To A Life You Are Crazy About!

6 Tried and Testing Questions To Get You Started

Welcome to your ‘Finding Joy Journey’. So, have you ever jumped up in the morning pumped to start the day? Like an excited little child waiting for Christmas morning, you just couldn’t wait for what the day would hold? Have you ever been there? You can’t wait to go to sleep at night just to […]

finding your passion in life
4 Hour Work Week

4 Hour Work Week

This is not a book, it’s a literal tool box for personal growth , development, automation, elimination and freedom in life. In 4 Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss overdelivers! He gives you every necessary tool, website, scripts that needed to move you to  the next level. He even shows you haw to travel the world on the cheap! I got the kindle version of this book for $1.99! Great, great, must have book! Please do not hesitate. Get it!

it's not over until you win

9 High Energy Foods Of Highly Successful People

Success and health go hand in hand. If you are successful without being healthy, you will probably not be able to enjoy your success. A good health is necessary to keep working and achieve success in life and business. Most people who are successful have different eating habits, which provide them a cutting edge over […]

Success and Health

The Health Benefits of Living a Purposeful Life

Have you ever taken a moment to wonder about life’s purpose? To really think about what you’re doing here on earth and how it is making a difference in the life of others? I am sure that the question has crossed your mind at some point throughout your years. Well, maybe you’ve asked yourself that […]

living a purposeful life

What is the Power of Thoughts?

Understanding the Power of Our Thoughts & Changing Our Mindset

What have your thoughts been like lately? Negative or Positive? It is amazing to note that anything and everything that has happened in this world first began with the power of thought. Our thoughts resides in the seat of our mind, where our will and emotions also dwell. By definition, a thought is an idea, […]

what is the power of thoughts

Tips Setting Goals: 7 Interesting Reasons Why Our Goals Fail

Part 1 of the Tips Setting Goals Series. It Highlights The 'Whys' But Also Shows The 'Hows'

Let me first point out that these tips for goal setting is not for everyone. They were only designed for the selected few that will make the decision to do something about their present state and condition. Who will choose to make better choices. Who will choose to take larger steps. Who will choose to […]

tips setting goals