Healthy Organic Tips From Ital Creations

Interview with Judah and Yayah Fari

The dangers that is present in the food today can leave you wondering, does it even make sense to eat any more?! Well, today at Positively Driven, I had an amazing time chatting with the owners of an organic farm and restaurant, Mr Judah Fari and Mrs Yayah Fari on the island of St. Kitts, […]

healthy organic tips

Get Air Brush Lessons From the Best!

Small Business Startup Advice From Randy Thomas the Airbrush Artlab

I had the awesome opportunity to meet and interview a very talented young man, owner of  a small business called Airbrush Art Lab! Randy Thomas can draw possibly anything with is paint gun! I even got the amazing opportunity to try my hand with his tools! I did my own flower! Randy Thomas lives on […]

positively driven airbrush art lab

Seamstress Interview:The Good,The Bad,The Ugly

Entrepreneur Talk With Edris the Seamstress

I finally got a hold of my seamstress to do an interview! Yep. I only go to the best! Imagine getting tips from one of the greatest in the land.  Well Edris Brown knows her stuff and now, you will know them too. 🙂 No thank you’s necessary. Edris loved the idea of clothing design […]

Seamstress Interview

Tips On Starting Your Own Business

Interview with Karim - Owner of KM Services

Guess who is coming for dinner?! And you’re getting a front seat view. I had the most awesome opportunity to interview Karim Maynard an entrepreneur on the island of St Kitts Nevis who began his business from scratch and developed it into the # 1 landscaping ‘big deal’ on the island. So it was only […]

Tips on Starting Ypur Own Small Business Interview With Karim