I Found Canva! The Best Graphics Design Tool On The Market

Making Graphics Design Free and Simple

Hi my fellow ‘positively-driveners’ ( I am so terrible at name creations 🙂 ) I just had to pause to tell you about a new tool that I recently found that has revolutionized my blog photos.

About Canva

And did I mention it’s free! This blog post is all about my new best friend, Canva. A simple Graphic Design Software that has made my life so much more easier.

I am so excited to share this news.

My Days Before Canva

By now everyone around the world understands the importance of adding pictures to their blogs. However, finding great pictures can become very expensive, especially when trying to avoid any copy right infringement.

So, because I love to play things safe, I resorted to Fotolia for all my picture needs. I have to admit, they really do have great photo selections. Thousands to choose from that can really make your blog pages pop! My problem was the money. My problem will always be the money. 🙂

When purchasing photos, make certain that you have minimum $14US for 10 credits. If you look very carefully, you can find some great photos for 1 credit each. However, that’s not normally the case. For really creative or eye catching photos you may have to use 2-3 credits. This means that after 5 photos I am out of money. Not a way to live at all.

I had to find some alternative options, so that I can make my money work for me.

I went searching for alternative options that was safe a free. In my search I found this webpage

Yes, they had some really good tips but it was not enough. After all, I am not a photographer and some of these ideas were just too time consuming.

Then I found Canva through Lisa Irby.

Canva the Game Changer

No photograph or graphic designing skills necessary.

It comes with everything you may need that will revolutionize your blog photos and at a very great price …free!

Here are some of the items I’ve already created using Canva:

canva designs

For premium items there is a cost of $1 but I have honestly not found any reason to go premium so far.

You can create stuff for Social Media, Facebook Cover, YouTube Headers, Posters, Flyers and of course pictures. Canva also has some amazing ‘text’ options that have already been pre-designed. It literally removes the hard work out of designing. Now it’s pure fun!

The Simplicity of Canva

Canva is simple to use. There are also lots of tutorial lessons.

First, register to create your own account. Don’t forget to confirm the link in your email. Then, it’s all smooth sailing. When you log in you are sent to your own dashboard.

Create Your Own Design





You can choose from the templates or create your own design.
To create your own canva design click on ‘use custom dimensions’. There you will add the size of the picture that you would like to create. I usually use 500 x 300 for my picture sizes.

Choose Your Dimensions





You can the play around with picture background and colors, choose an icon for decoration, and a text art. And voila! You are done. Simply click ‘download’ when you are finished and it will be downloaded to your computer.

Canva Worksheet

To ensure that your picture is downloaded free of cost, make sure to use all ‘free’ items in your graphics design.

Try Canva today and let me know what you think below.

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