Personal Development Plan Example Around Your Passions

Identifying Your Desires And Using Them To Craft A Personal Development Plan For Your Future

Today, we are going to create  Personal Development Plan Example. We are going to be focusing on two aspects which is life and then developing a personal development plan and we are going to give an overall idea as to how it gets done. Hi everyone, this is Joan Maynard coming to you from Positively […]

personal development plan example

5 Things I Wish I Knew Starting A Business

Transcript Hi, everyone, this is Joan Maynard coming to you from Positively-Driven, where it’s all about creating a business that you love, living passionately, growing spiritually. Today we are going to be focusing on five things that I used when I started out in my business about four years ago. Summary: It’s Gonna Be Really, […]

5 things I wish I knew starting a business
Believe In You!

I’ve Decided To Change My Life

I’ve decided that it’s time to change my life. Sitting at home for the hundredth time, wishing and hoping that things could be more exciting. Blaming it on the area that I’m in, St Kitts. After all, I’ve done everything that’s worth doing and I’m still not satisfied. I’m tired of looking out my office […]

Joan Maynard Change my life

Richard Brown

Yes; I praise GOD for this material because although I have been saved for 18 years; I am still at the beginning of my spiritual walk. Now that I have realized the hindrances that have been easily besetting me; I am ready to move forward. I am excited and I truly thank the Lord and […]


Healthy Organic Tips From Ital Creations

Interview with Judah and Yayah Fari

The dangers that is present in the food today can leave you wondering, does it even make sense to eat any more?! Well, today at Positively Driven, I had an amazing time chatting with the owners of an organic farm and restaurant, Mr Judah Fari and Mrs Yayah Fari on the island of St. Kitts, […]

healthy organic tips

Finding Joy: Journey To A Life You Are Crazy About!

6 Tried and Testing Questions To Get You Started

Welcome to your ‘Finding Joy Journey’. So, have you ever jumped up in the morning pumped to start the day? Like an excited little child waiting for Christmas morning, you just couldn’t wait for what the day would hold? Have you ever been there? You can’t wait to go to sleep at night just to […]

finding your passion in life