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This is not a business proposal or an Ad. This is real life. And that’s what Positively Driven is all about: Living Passionately, Growing Spiritually, and Creating a Business that is uniquely you.

Meet Joan

Let’s face it.

I’m Different. Yes, and maybe, even a little crazy 🙂

I’ve learnt to accept and love the fact that I am creative, driven, a christian, an entrepreneur, passionate, a poet, singer and songwriter, teacher, motivational speaker, preacher of the word of God, who’s now teaching herself how to play piano 🙂

I am multi-dimensional, so why should this website be anything less?

Hi there!

My name is Joan Maynard and a big welcome to Positively-Driven.com!

Exploring the intersection between living our passion, creating a business, spiritual fulfillment and of- course feeding our creativity!

Before I continue rambling on about myself, let me share with you what I firmly believe:

I believe everyone has a gift, a skill, work or life experience to share with the world. I believe that IF you desire to create and scale a successful business, reach more people with your unique message, grow your customer base while living a passionate and spiritually fulfilling life THEN leveraging your talents and skills with advance strategies, tools and online platform is a must!

What You Can Expect From This Site

  • Soul Food – Lessons on Spiritual Growth in God. Breaking down every aspect of Christianity so that it is easy to understand and to follow
  • Creating A Business- A front row seat to my journey to freedom. You’ll find my beginning, what I’ve learnt, and continue to learn on the journey to create a business online. My advice, recommendations, tutorials so that you can do the same.
  • Video Interviews with Entrepreneurs sharing their advice and tips to help you succeed
  • Podcast – What does it take to become a successful entrepreneur? We are presently developing an podcast, with interviews from entrepreneurs such as John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire and Jeff Brown from ReadToLeadPodcast – sharing inspiration on living their passion, and shortcuts to creating a business.
  • Tutorials and Video Training: Providing small business information for beginners and a platform where we all can grow and use our gifts for success

A Bit More About Me

My name is Joan Maynard. I’m a passionate, creative and positively driven ‘internet-preneur’ ( yep I made that word up 🙂  ) living on Saint Kitts and Nevis. A beautiful island in the Caribbean. I am the owner of a Spiritual Growth website called Bible Study -Topics and the author of a free e-book called ‘Clear Path to Spiritual Maturity’.

I am presently married for 8 years to the most wonderful and supportive gentle man, Auckland Maynard, a Deacon in our assembly. No children yet, but it’s high up there on my to do list. lol.

I’m a Writer

I’ve written books ( one spiritual and one on romancing your significant other) stories, and monologues. Anything that can be written, I’ve probably tried it :), just kidding.

I’m a Graphics Designer

I’ve created flyers, banners, business cards, greeting cards,  postcards, wedding, funeral and religious programs, table settings , candy wrappers et cetera.

I’m a Speaker and Presenter

Joan Maynard SpeakingThe nerves goes through the door about 1 minute into me doing what makes me alive, then it’s all fun from there. That’s me (on the right) speaking in an all males gathering about ‘expectations of a wife’. I had a boat load to say on that matter!

plus …

I am a singer, song writer and a poet

Below is a list of some of these poems. Hope they honor and bless you in some way.



Jesus To My Rescue:

When I was 14 1/2 years Jesus did a massive turn around in my life and I have never been the same again since then.

One year later I preached my first sermon and have been doing so ever since. Not by my might, God he has given me the strength.


Positively-Driven: My Passion ‘start a small businessThe Pebble’

This brain child of mine began as a little pebble from a very young age. I just knew that ‘having my own business’ was what I wanted to do with my life. But it was much more than that. I was different. I saw the world differently way… Yet with all this, there was so many reasons and excuses that held me in place from pursuing my passions..

After all, I had no clue where to begin and my fears were eating me alive.

So for almost a decade I made not made one step closer to my desires until I found myself living in a society filled with knowledge, yet some how feeling empty, and hopeless, lost and frustrated.

I would look through my office window and cry on the inside ‘God, this cannot be all there is to life.’ I felt trapped in a world where I was not living to my fullest potential. It was the most unsettling feeling …

I was literally suffocating.


I decided to change things. I had to or else I would die of the ordinary. I was made to create, to design, to lead not follow, to grow by leaps and bounds.

The Book That Started it All

So I began searching for my unique place in this world. My unique purpose for existence. I began reading books and listening to audios and DVD’s. Until I read a passage in this a free e-book by Dani Johnson.

The passage said that ‘your desires reveals your design and your design your destiny’

Sounds simple but that passage gave me an ‘Ah ha’ moment.

From that moment onward, my world shifted. Starting following my passions changed my moods, change my perspective and it changed my life. I literally felt excited waking up each day, living a purpose driven life. And all I wanted to do was scream from the mountain top, to anyone that would listen, that ‘there is a better way’.

I went full speed ahead into the creation of my first website.

first website complete christian living bible study

Then my second ….

Now this is my third  …

Join Me On This Journey

Through it all I’ve learnt so much about small business creation and so much more and I want to share it all with you. The one most important thing that I’ve learnt is that ‘all things are possible’. With determination you can have what you desire.

You do not have to:

  • Hide behind excuses
  • Be at the mercies of society

Growing up’ does not mean showing up to work and eight o’clock then going home every day to a dreary existence called life, and 5 0’clock. It does not mean giving up on our dreams and turning our back on a gifts.

Why be ordinary, when you can be ExtraOrdinary!

Your life can be purposeful. It can be filled with meaning. You can help others with your talents and work experiences. You can inspire other with your creativity and uniqueness.

The Positively Driven You!

What is My Mission? … simple ..’A Renaissance

So Let’s Stick together:

In this path we all need a little help sometimes and a little word of encouragement, so let’s stay connected through facebook, twitter and youtube.

Joan Stick TogetherAlso subscribe to my blog and keep connected with the latest video, tutorials and guides. and if you have not done it as yet…download your free guide to spiritual maturity.

So Now that I’ve talked a little about me, I would love to know a lot about you. Leave a Post below and let us know a little about yourself:

And by the way …

Who Should We Interview Next?
Who would you like us to interview next within our Entrepreneur Talk series. Someone in Saint. Kitts and Nevis, Caribbean or the World? Is it a small business owner or a group of passionate, focused individuals? Email some the info on them and we will take a look. If we like them, we will do our best to make it happen. Let’s stay positively-driven, together!

Joan Maynard

Hi everyone, I am Joan. A small woman with a big voice and a big personality. I have been blessed with many talents poetry, music, designing, but my favorite is the gift of teaching, being my #1 joy. I hope you are blessed by the content on this site. So God bless you!Connect With Me On Facebook

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