ABC of Salvation Bible Study Topics

These ABC of Salvation Bible Study Topics have been broken down into little chunks so that we can travel as fast or as slow; at a pace, that is comfortable for you.

abc of salvation

Introductory Series:  Who is God focuses on knowing whether God truly exist, who he is;  his heart, his nature, his purpose and more. Sound interesting doesn’t it?

Part 1 The Existence of God Bible Lesson: Does God Exist? Or Simply a Figment of our imagination? This lesson will take you on a journey to discover the truth.

Part2. Introducing A Mighty God: Imagine your first time in the presence of a Mighty God… What would you find? What is he like? What will you encounter when you get to know him?

Part 3. No Other Name: Digging even deeper, as we find out even more about this God that we serve. This will be revealed to us through his names.

Series#2: Path To Salvation: leads you on just what the name states, ‘a point A to B direction for becoming saved’, while also answering the hidden questions you may have such as Can God Forgive A Person Like  Me?

How Do I Get Saved? Taking The Steps to Salvation:

Series#3: God’s Perfect Plan of Salvation. What it entails, the mighty transformation power that takes place as well as to reveal a FOUR letter word that ties it all together. These introductory bible study topics are foundation for many great things to come and for great in-depth bible study topics that is just around the corner.

As I mentioned in another lesson, ” God saw this… the ultimate death and destruction of his whole creation and He would not allow it! Because he loved us! So he crafted a plan…a plan of atonement, a plan of redemption, a plan so unique that it would be satisfactory enough to cover for the judgment that was held over our lives, because of sin. This plan is called the plan of salvation” .

We’ve learnt a whole lot so far haven’t we?

Now It’s Time For Some Action!

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