101 Small Business Opportunity With A Twist

Welcome to 101 small business opportunity. The land of possibilities! This area was created  to give you inspiration for your next business venture or life pursuit. We are putting on our genius caps to create new business ideas from old concepts. Who knows, we might just throw in some fresh business ideas as well. That’s why we named this areas ‘101 Small Business Opportunity With A Twist’.

101 small business opportunity

As this page develops, you will find more and more small business ideas to choose from, startup information for beginners plus tips to shine and put your personal touch in every ‘nook and cranny’ ( local slang) of your wonderful venture.

There’s never been a better time to start a business you love. Whether at home or online, small business opportunities are popping up everywhere. Do not to fooled. You do not need a brick building, overhead cost and employees to have a successful business. Not when there is virtual assistance all over the web!

You can start your new venture right from your kitchen table or in your bathroom ( ok I went too far on that one 🙂 ). You can actually have a sideline business while still being employed. That’s exactly what I’m doing!

So give yourself a break there’s plenty of small business opportunities to choose from.

However, with this ‘crazy good’ advantage, comes the disadvantage of information overload. So, because everyone and their mother have businesses these days, and everyone is screaming at the same time for consumer attention, how will your business stand out among the clutter of products and information?

Don’t Worry, Help Is Here

Within each business idea there’s a gold mine! As we go through each small business opportunity we will focus on three main areas:

  1. The Business Idea
  2. How It’s Normally Done
  3. How You Can Do It With A Twist

It’s all about starting your own small business that you love and presenting your unique twist to the world. We are in for a very fun ride.

Joan Maynard

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